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Video: We are CAMFED

The inspiring women in this film are all part of the Campaign for Female Education’s unique alumnae network, CAMA. Supported to get an education, they…


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Julia Gillard Becomes Patron of CAMFED

Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister of Australia, Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, and Distinguished Fellow with the Center for Universal Education at Brookings,…


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Graça Machel provides support and inspiration to CAMFED’s alumnae leaders

Young women leaders from across CAMFED’s pan-African alumnae network were honoured and inspired to meet with Graça Machel in Johannesburg this week. Mrs. Machel, the…


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#CAMFEDcan change the world: new campaign launched

Sending girls to school in some of the most remote regions of Africa is a difficult proposition. Because of the daunting nature of the challenge,…


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FT Technology: “CAMFED is a game changer”

Speaking to Jane Bird in an interview for the Financial Times Technology Leaders Report, Charlotte Finn, Vice President of Programmes at Salesforce Foundation, lauds CAMFED’s…


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Why don’t poor parents send their daughters to school?

“ 'Why' the international development sector asks, 'don’t parents send their daughters to school and reap the returns?' Parents cannot send their daughters to school…


StorySecondary EducationMalawi


Jessey is one of six children and lives with both her parents. They depend on farming to provide for the family. Despite their hard work,…


StorySecondary EducationMalawi


Dafuloza lives with both parents who depend on farming for a living. She was the second born of her parents’ five children. Because the produce…


StorySecondary EducationMalawi


Chikondi grew up in poverty in rural Malawi. She dropped out after primary school. Chikondi would have remained trapped in a cycle of poverty as…


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Ann Cotton: Ahimsa Award Recognizes Girls’ Education Imperative

Ann Cotton, Founder and President of Camfed, which for over 20 years has supported girls in sub-Saharan Africa through school and into independence, today received…


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We Can’t Succeed in Anything Unless We Succeed in Education

In his insightful and riveting Q&A with international education expert Julia Gillard (former Australian Prime Minister and now Board Chair for the Global Partnership for…

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