Annual Review (2021)

CAMFED’s 2021 Annual Review looks back on our most ambitious year yet. It was the first year of our new strategic plan: to support five million more girls to go to school by 2025, and with you by our side we are on course to meet that goal.

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Key Documents


COVID-19 Action Brief (2020)

‘Girls and Young Women at the Frontline of COVID-19’ lays out how the global pandemic is affecting communities where we operate, and outlines CAMFED’s approach to mitigate the impact. Our focus is on keeping girls learning and safe, and protecting young women’s sustainable livelihoods.


CAMA (CAMFED Association) Governance Report (2019)

Get to know the structures, values and aims of the largest network of women leaders in Africa, through Diana Good’s report. It highlights how those with lived experience of poverty and exclusion have unrivalled expertise in supporting marginalized girls to go to school and succeed.


When you Educate a Girl, Everything Changes (2014)

In this book, rich in visuals, meet Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED Ghana and members of their school communities. The girls and young women share the challenges they have faced in securing their education and their hopes for the future.


CAMFED Impact Report (2010)

This Impact Report presents powerful evidence about how CAMFED effectively supports girls to go to school, keeps them there, enables them to thrive, and unlocks their power to lead. As they step up as community activists in the CAMFED Association, our impact increases exponentially.

Key findings (PDF 5 MB)


CAMFED Governance (2010)

The global law firm Linklaters produced this report to analyse CAMFED’s community-led structures in Africa. Our governance model places the individual girl — our client — at the center of everything we do, and shares responsibility for her long-term wellbeing with members of her community.


CAMFED’s Impact in Supporting Young Women’s Livelihoods (2020)

This independent evaluation was commissioned to help CAMFED better understand
the impacts of its livelihoods program to date on several indicators of individual, household and
community well-being.

Annual reports and financial statements

Explore our innovative financial system and find our how we maintain high levels of accountability and transparency.

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