For every girl who receives support to go to school, three more will follow, and countless more will benefit.

Girls’ education has the power to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges – and CAMFED is a pan-African movement with a revolutionary model for delivering on this promise.

Every graduate who joins our leadership network, on average, supports at least another three girls in turn. And she’ll go on to mentor and pass on her skills to many more, creating employment and opportunity, tackling inequality and injustice. 

This is what we call the Multiplier Effect – the impact a girl’s education has on others’ lives, and on the health, wealth and equality of our world.

The Multiplier Effect is achieved through the interworking of our CAMFED Association, Community Champions and Operations. Together, we create the support system through which the most vulnerable girls can go to school, thrive and successfully transition from school to a life of independence and influence.

They in turn join the CAMFED Association of young women leaders whose members each support more girls to go to school through their individual and collective philanthropy. As a new generation of leaders, members of the CAMFED Association represent a powerful force for long-term, systemic change. 


What I love about CAMFED is that it’s a perpetual motion machine: CAMFED graduates themselves then support other kids, and CAMFED grads actually support more kids than CAMFED donors do.

Watch New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Nicholas Kristof in conversation with Angie Murimirwa, CAMFED Executive Director – Africa (2020)

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CAMFED’s Multiplier Effect

Girls educated with CAMFED’s support go on to join Africa’s largest and fastest-growing network of young women activists. Each member of the Association, on average, supports another three girls to go to school with her own resources, as well as mentoring and encouraging many more.

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Ignite the multiplier

Meet our multipliers




I was supported by CAMFED in school. I went to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources and now I am working in the Ministry of Agriculture as Agriculture Extension Development Officer. Using my knowledge as an Extension worker, I support my family, community, and fellow young women to practice climate-smart agriculture. So far I have reached out to 26 young women on a monthly basis through my community meetings. With the salary I get, I support eight siblings with basic needs such as soap, exercise books, and pens —  and other boarding girls to go through school.




Eva runs several successful businesses including a fruit farm, a clothing shop, a stationery shop, and the first mobile money business in her community. She uses some of her profits to support vulnerable children to go to school, and, in 2018 alone, was able to support 122 children with food, uniforms, books and school fees. Eva is proud to be able to provide employment for members of her community, particularly other young women. By mid-2020 she was employing two CAMFED Association members in her shops, and providing seasonal work for 5-10 people on her farm.




Through CAMFED investment I got an opportunity to go to school, complete school, and become a leader in my community. Now I am multiplying the benefit of my education by supporting other girls to go to school through influencing various stakeholders to support marginalized girls in my community. As an example, I support five girls to go to school by meeting their school-going costs. I pay for their school fees, buy their uniforms, and buy their sanitary [wear]. This is over and above the support that I give to my siblings, my family, and my two children.

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CAMFED Association members on the Multiplier Effect

Hear from the young women leaders multiplying your impact. They explain how they are paying forward the benefits of their education—by stepping up to support others with the resources, skills and encouragement they need to learn and thrive.

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The CAMFED Association

The CAMFED Association is the network of women leaders founded by former CAMFED clients, who organize and act on behalf of girls and young women in their communities, ensuring the most vulnerable are seen and served.

As Patience (pictured above) says: “Driven by the scars of poverty, the CAMFED Association is rich in experience and thus works to ensure the next generation is safe from the challenges we faced. It is a lifeline of our communities and a weapon against poverty in our nation and Africa as a whole.”

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