Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees.

If you work for a company that matches gifts, you can double or triple the value of your contribution by following your employer’s matching gift procedures.

Some companies match the gifts of spouses, retirees, and surviving spouses of retirees in addition to gifts from current employees.

What To Do:

Get a Matching Gift form from your employer, fill out your portion, and mail it in the reply envelope with your donation.

Or: If you’ve already sent in your donation or made your donation online, mail the Matching Gift form to:
Donor Engagement Team
466 Geary Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94102
Or email it to [email protected]

More and more companies offer online Matching Gift processing, so no form is required – just let them know you donated to us, and they take care of the rest. Some companies even offer donations via payroll deduction, so we receive your donation and their matching gift in one lump sum! Talk to your human resources representative to learn more.

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Thank you to our generous recent donors

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