CAMFED Champions

Teachers, parents, traditional authorities and local officials work together with our women leaders to actively champion and support the advancement of girls and young women

The power of communities

CAMFED partners with thousands of schools, communities and education authorities across rural (and some peri-urban) districts in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe to tackle the multiple barriers to marginalized girls’ school access, retention, progression, completion, and transition.

Our grassroots-led approach sees communities take responsibility for the welfare and success of their most vulnerable girls, matching international donor contributions with resources generated locally, ensuring that girls have the necessary wraparound support to attend and thrive in school.

Community Champions include teachers, parents, traditional leaders and local officials — education officers, social workers, and magistrates working to end child marriage, for example. They work hand-in-hand with members of the CAMFED Association of women leaders, and are supported by CAMFED Operations.

CAMFED Champions take on many roles, including serving on the committees that select girls for school-going support:

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Community-owned solutions to girls' exclusion from education

CAMFED-trained Teacher Mentors are the first port of call for vulnerable girls, and often act in loco parentis, mentoring students and ensuring they receive their entitlements.

They connect with parents to form Parent Support Groups, setting up small enterprises to generate an income to send more children to school. Parents in turn support teachers by helping to mentor and safeguard girls; monitor school dorms; provide school meals, and build school infrastructure.

Traditional leaders conduct outreach to local families, create by-laws to address early marriage, and support CAMFED Association members in their advocacy against early marriage and early pregnancy; as well as their outreach to improve community health and encourage female entrepreneurship. They work with local officials to tackle abuse, and help connect young women graduates to job opportunities or business support services, for example.

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Our Community Champions' impact to date

With the support of girls' communities, we are changing the context in which girls learn, and the context they graduate into, so they can thrive and lead change for the next generation.

  • 7,044

    7,044 partner primary and secondary schools across 165 districts. CAMFED works in genuine partnership with government schools to help improve the learning environment for all students. Sharing information on school performance and working with the community to implement change is crucial to success.

  • 122K

    122,030 Community Champions - CAMFED's program works because of the commitment of local community champions and activists. These volunteers include everyone from traditional leaders to government education officials, teachers, parents, and former students.

  • 599K

    598,658 children have been supported to go to primary school by CAMFED Community Champions across Africa

  • 917K

    916,812 children have been supported to go to secondary school by CAMFED Community Champions across Africa

Hear from our inspiring local leaders




Neema has been a teacher for over 16 years and through her experience has come across a number of students with challenges caused by poverty. That pushed her to join the Parent Support Group and be part of the movement that fulfils the dreams of such students.



Headwoman Kalima

Headwoman Kalima is a farmer, traditional leader, and CAMFED Community Champion, overseeing the activities in her rural village in Zambia. She is actively involved in the local school, meeting with teachers, parents and other community members to discuss issues faced by students.




Salamatu stepped up to chair a Mother Support Group in her community, offering support to vulnerable children, particularly girls. Her passion for education, along with her ability to offer practical support and empathy to others, makes her a formidable force for change in her community.




Jafari was elected Chair by the other members of his Parent Support Group, among them fishermen, businessmen, and farmers. Each brings expertise from their field, with a shared mission of using their skills to support the most vulnerable children in their community to stay in school and succeed.




Rhoda comes from Zomba District in southeastern Malawi. She has been a member of her local Mother Support Group since 2012. As Chairwoman of this dedicated group, Rhoda leads other parents in their efforts to ensure learners can remain and thrive in school.




Mercy, a teacher, organizes after-school study circles so that students can study in the school grounds before returning home. She works with the local Parent Support Group to coordinate school meal programs and provides guidance counseling and sexual health education.

Invest in the power of communities

Your investment will pay dividends for generations, by supporting CAMFED to build a sustainable community infrastructure around the most vulnerable girls.

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