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In classrooms across Africa, stories are being re-written and futures are being rescued by girls anxious to learn, and our sisterhood of young women, ready to lead.




I was starting to lose hope, when the Matron at school, who was also a Teacher Mentor (guidance teacher), discovered the challenges I was facing in terms of financial support. She worked together with the deputy head teacher on the committee identifying girls like me to access support from CAMFED, and so ensured that I could return to school.




Through the CAMFED Association I have also been doing a lot to build resilience to climate change — passing on knowledge through a cascade system. With other young women who have studied at EARTH University and with experienced farmers in our network, I have contributed to developing CAMFED’s climate-smart Agriculture Guide program. 




I am a fourth born daughter in a family of eight, and the first person in our family to complete secondary education. Now, I can say I’ve reached great heights because of the support I received from CAMFED. I have gained great respect in our family and I want to go even further to assist my parents and relatives.

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Video: Educating five million future leaders

CAMFED supports some of the most excluded girls in sub-Saharan Africa to go to school, succeed, lead, and grow up to turn the tide of poverty for their families and communities. Our programs are spearheaded by the young women leaders in the CAMFED Association, who partner with their communities to make sure every child secures their right to quality education.



Video: Meet Sophia – Learner Guide from Tanzania

Sophia is a leader in her community and a role model to other girls. After finishing school with CAMFED support Sophia joined the CAMFED Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support and committed, with her peers, to paying forward the benefits of her education.



Meet Fanny – she’ll shake up the world

Meet Fanny from rural Malawi, who is wise beyond her years and whose positivity and leadership shine through, in spite of her struggles at home. Fanny knows that education is her family’s route out of poverty, and she’s ready to live up to her tremendous potential.

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