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In classrooms across Africa, stories are being re-written and futures are being rescued by girls anxious to learn, and our sisterhood of young women, ready to lead.




I’m Fatima, a secondary student from Ghana. Today, I am thriving at school alongside my fellow classmates. However, I have faced many challenges throughout my education journey, and I almost did not make it to secondary school.




Now that I am supported by CAMFED at school, I am very hopeful because I know in future I will be somebody, I will be independent and I will be able to support my family and others in my community.

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I want to be a role model to the community, like Madam Dotto, and work with CAMFED so all children can have an education.




I’m Linley, a CAMFED Association member from Mulanje district in Malawi. I was supported to go to school by CAMFED and now I volunteer as a Learner Guide to help other girls like me from rural Malawi to complete their education.




Because I am a CAMFED Association member, I believe in the power of giving back to my society. The day I delivered a baby on the roadside, I was motivated to help her deliver safely because of my love for rural women and children.

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I’m currently working as a climate-smart Agriculture Officer. I work to train Agriculture Guides who will take the climate-smart techniques they learn and share them with female agriculture entrepreneurs in their own communities.

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Video: Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa’s TED Talk 2023

Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa, CEO of CAMFED, helped found our sisterhood of change leaders  – the CAMFED Association – 25 years ago.

Watch her TED Talk to see the world through the eyes of a girl in rural Africa, and experience the difference that a ‘Big Sister’ can make.

Educated Girls


Video: Educating five million future leaders

Our movement is now poised to support 5 million more girls in sub-Saharan Africa on the journey to independence and leadership through the power of Sisterhood. We’re partnering with schools, communities, and governments to break down the barriers that hold girls back, helping them thrive and become leaders in a flywheel of change. 



Video: Meet Sophia – Learner Guide from Tanzania

My future outlook changed with CAMFED support, because every year we received support and I could afford to reach my dreams. Today I am a Learner Guide at the same school I attended. I understand the challenges students face, and my hope is to help them become self-aware and fulfil their goals.

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