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StoryLearner GuidesZambia


I come from a family of 11 children, nine boys and two girls. I am the seventh child. My family lives in Mpika district, Zambia. When I was growing up my father worked as a government teacher and my m...




My name is Prisca. I am the mother of Suzen who is a Transition Guide* for Samfya district. My daughter Suzen was privileged to attend a CAMFED Association business and leadership training where she g...


StoryHigher EducationMalawi


I got the opportunity to join tertiary education at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Now I can proudly say that I am an Agriculture Extension Development Officer. With my earn...


StoryCAMFED Association (CAMA)Zambia


The chance to go to school, and then to study sustainable agriculture, changed everything for me and will transform my community. I designed a climate-smart aquaponics system for growing vegetables an...


StoryHigher EducationTanzania


During my Diploma course in Animal Health and Production I was so relaxed and free from worry just knowing that CAMFED backed me up with school fees, practical field costs, and direct costs at school....


StoryHigher EducationZimbabwe


Through the CAMFED Association I have also been doing a lot to build resilience to climate change — passing on knowledge through a cascade system. With other young women who have studied at EARTH Uni...


StoryCAMFED Association (CAMA)Ghana


I had a bittersweet childhood. In the beginning my father was present and life was better, but since we lost him it is just four of us - my mom, one brother, one sister, and myself. I am the last born...


StoryHigher EducationZimbabwe


After I graduated from school, I joined the CAMFED Association — the network women leaders educated with CAMFED's support — in January 2014. Through the network I had the opportunity to train as a Lea...


StorySecondary EducationTanzania


Overcoming a vulnerable childhood, Sophia is now a CAMFED Learner Guide, entrepreneur and pillar of her community. Equipped with education and training she is transforming lives of children in her com...


StoryHigher EducationZambia


When I completed secondary school in 2015, I joined the CAMFED Association and attended entrepreneurship training through the ‘Shaping My Future’ program. The Embassy of Ireland provided financial su...



Olivia Kipo

I was born in a village and grew up with my mum, dad and five siblings. I am the first born. My dad is a teacher and my mum was into farming. They value education and would do everything they could to...

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