Open Doors Appeal 2021

Keep the door to school open during the pandemic, and each girl you help can open many more in her future — doors to higher education, to her own business, to council meeting rooms and even government chambers. Donate now

Making transformative impact

CAMFED supports girls in 6,787 government partner schools across 163 districts in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi to access school, succeed, and become leaders of change in their communities.

Our impact increases exponentially through the Association of young women educated with CAMFED’s support. Together, we multiply the number of girls in school, and accelerate their transition to livelihoods and leadership, including by taking climate action.

Likwenu, a school girl in uniform, walks along a path with mountains in the background of the image

Our partner communities are among the most deprived in the region – far removed from hospitals, lacking public infrastructure, and often situated on the poorest land. They have the greatest levels of poverty within their countries, and suffer some of the highest rates of illness, including HIV/AIDS. They have extremely low literacy rates. Most people live a hand to mouth existence.

Schools in these communities are fewer in number, meaning children often have to walk very long distances to get to school, and have fewer teachers and less equipment.

Girls are particularly vulnerable in these circumstances, and their education has the most transformative impact

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Poverty is the greatest barrier to accessing an education in the communities where we work.

Families want the best for their children, but lack the financial means to support their education. We know that communities understand their issues, and that they have the solutions to those issues. Our role is to catalyze their activism, and listen to the girls, their families, their teachers and Chiefs.

The children we support are selected by the community as being the most in need. We don’t just provide them with books or school fees, we help them throughout their development. Our package – which includes mentoring and social support from young women who were themselves once excluded from education – allows a girl to get into school, do well academically, and maximize the value of her education after graduation.

In this video, Fanny from Malawi speaks for millions of girls from marginalized communities, ready to shake up the world, if only they get the chance to go to school.

We track and measure the impact of our work...

...through rigorous monitoring and evaluation, longitudinal surveys, and in-depth research. Because of our long-term support for girls through school and into independent adulthood, CAMFED has a unique opportunity to track the economic and social impact of investing in girls’ education and young women’s leadership – on individuals, as well as on communities, and beyond.


2020 Annual Review

Look back on a year of CAMFED’s agility in a crisis


Our Governance

CAMFED Association: A powerful new force for development (2019)


Livelihoods and Leadership

CAMFED’s Impact in Supporting Young Women’s Livelihoods (2020)

Our impact in numbers - students supported through donor funds

  • 379K

    Students supported with secondary scholarships - CAMFED provides holistic and targeted support for girls to go to secondary school, covering needs that might include school or exam fees, uniforms, sanitary wear, books, pens, bikes, boarding fees or disability aids.

  • 1M

    Students supported to go to primary school - CAMFED's Safety Net Fund for partner primary schools provides essential items for children at primary school to prevent them from dropping out of school.

  • 6,787

    Partner Schools - CAMFED works in genuine partnership with government schools to help improve the learning environment for all students. Sharing information on school performance and working with the community to implement change is crucial to success.

CAMFED provides girls with long-term support

Successfully supporting an individual means investing in the structures that support her, enabling her to learn, thrive and lead change.

  • Education

    We provide school fees, supplies, uniforms, and peer mentoring to support girls from primary school through secondary school, college and beyond.

  • Training

    We help women learn how to manage money and launch businesses. We train them as Learner Guides and Transition Guides, who support peers to transition to secure livelihoods.

  • Leadership

    Our leaders in the CAMFED Association of young women educated with CAMFED support pay it forward by supporting even more children through school.

Learn how we’re different

Our impact in numbers - students supported by CAMFED Community Champions

  • 178K

    CAMFED Association - Members of the CAMFED Association - the largest network of its kind in Africa - offer peer support, mentoring, and training and leadership opportunities, and spearhead our programs.

  • 308K

    Community Champions - CAMFED's program works because of the commitment of local community champions and activists. These volunteers include everyone from traditional leaders to government education officials, teachers, parents, and former students.

  • 3.5M

    Students supported by community initiatives - CAMFED Association members partner with their communities to support more vulnerable children to go to primary and secondary school, by providing school meals, paying school fees, buying supplies, or providing a home to orphans, for example.

Thank you to our generous recent donors

Together we are breaking the cycle of poverty


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