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Fear doesn’t live here – CAMFED Association leaders confronting inequality

At this week’s Skoll World Forum on Entrepreneurship in Oxford, UK, CAMFED joins delegates from nearly 65 countries under the uniting  theme “Fault Lines: Creating…


BlogChild MarriageMalawi

These adolescent girls don’t understand what is happening to their bodies

On 14 February 2017, we celebrated as the parliament in Malawi voted to amend the Constitution, making it illegal for children under the age of…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Pearson extends partnership with CAMFED for girls’ education in Africa

Today CAMFED’s CEO, Lucy Lake, and CAMFED Zimbabwe’s Women Empowerment Manager, Sinikiwe Makove, join Pearson’s Chief Corporate Affairs and Global Marketing Officer, Kate James, at…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

How periods are pushing girls out of school

According to UNESCO, 10% of adolescent girls in Africa miss school during their period. They miss an average of 528 school days — nearly two years of…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Innovations to tackle educational inequality

If things don’t change drastically, half of the world’s young people will lack the basic skills they need for work and life.


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Why data is so important to educating girls in sub-Saharan Africa

Technology, and the infrastructure that allows it to be used across the globe, is often taken for granted. But in sub-Saharan Africa, technology and connectivity…


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Breaking down the barriers to girls’ education across Africa

All across Africa CAMFED's CAMA alumnae celebrated International Day of the Girl by championing education as the key to tackling poverty, inequality and achieving a…



These girls understand what it means to fall below the line

Harold Kuombola, National Director, CAMFED Malawi, 2015-2019 shares the letters of girls asking secondary schools for funding and tells how the 17 district offices in…


NewsSupporting CAMFEDMalawi

Letters from Malawi

Here in Malawi, September brings one of our most difficult decisions. We have to draw a line between the girls who will go to school…


NewsPress CoverageMultiple countries

CAMFED Wins FinancialForce Award

CAMFED has been recognized as the winner in the Best Customer Experience category in FinancialForce’s fourth annual 360 Customer Excellence Awards, selected for the impact…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Skoll World Forum 2016: A Young Leader Reflects

Diana N-Peline Kombui, a CAMFED scholar from Ghana, reflects on her experiences at the Skoll World Forum. As a representative of CAMFED’s CAMA alumnae network,…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Walking the path together: collective action drives gender parity in rural Africa

Young women leaders in the CAMA alumnae network demonstrated their deep commitment to collective action for gender parity this March. They celebrated International Women’s Day…

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