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Angela, CAMFED Association member and Teacher, Zambia Hello. My name is Angela, I am a CAMA (CAMFED Association) member from Mpulungu district as well as a recruited teacher, of course from Zambia.

So, how I got to know that I was being picked as a teacher? A friend of mine called me after seeing my name in a newspaper. After she called me, of course at first, I didn’t believe it. So I had to check for myself, voilà, my name was there, I was just so excited! 

Later in the evening, I received text messages from [the] Teaching Council of Zambia, and it was just to confirm to say I was really picked, and it was my name that was there. I was just so excited, like, the feeling was just so overwhelming. I was just so happy. 

I believe that being a teacher is not all about teaching learners in the class, it goes beyond the classroom. Being a teacher is a platform for someone to be a positive role model to other young people. You say, “Come on, if I did it, you can also do it.” 

Being a teacher, it’s more like being a counselor to the young people, whenever they have problems and when they need a helping hand, I should be there to help out.

I understand the importance of interaction, how I present myself to those young people. So I know where I should be hard, when to be nice. I know when to be the sister that they need to talk to. So I believe that being a teacher is deeper than just being in a classroom. 

Education is important 100%. I believe that education starts at birth and every person needs education. 

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