World Teachers’ Day (October 5, 2022) is a day to celebrate teachers around the globe, whose skills, passion and talents make an incalculable impact on the lives of children.

Today we are celebrating the latest cohort of 117 young women educated with CAMFED support, newly recruited as government teachers in Zambia. 

Meet some of our game changers here:

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Angela, Teacher, Mpulungu district

“I believe that being a teacher is not all about teaching learners in the class, it goes beyond the classroom. Being a teacher is just a platform for someone to be a positive role model to other young people.”

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Meet Angela

Support from steadfast partners like The ELMA Foundation has enabled members of our African Sisterhood, the CAMFED Association, to gain teaching qualifications, including in specialist Early Childhood Education (ECE). Now they are paying forward the benefits of education by supporting more vulnerable children in their communities. Once excluded from education by poverty, our sisters have become accomplished educators themselves.

Among those selected are CAMFED Association members who gained education experience as Learner Guides and Transition Guides, volunteering in their former schools to help children learn and thrive.

Zambia is affected by a chronic lack of teachers, which is particularly acute in rural areas. Our sisters are being hired in their own districts – directly addressing these rural shortages and increasing representation of young women teachers. They bring local knowledge, language, and commitment to their work, and are increasing the number of professional female role models for young women and girls.

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Ravendor, Primary School Teacher, Serenje district

“I am what I am today because someone worked very hard for me to achieve what I’ve achieved. Therefore, I’ll also work hard to help someone achieve what he or she wants to achieve.”

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Meet Ravendor

Escar, Early Childhood Education Teacher, Kitwe district

“When I first found out that my name was in the newspaper for the newly recruited teachers I didn’t know how to react to the wonderful news. I was speechless! It was the most exciting moment.”

My name is Escar, my district of origin is Chiengi, Luapula Province, but now I am based in the Copperbelt region. CAMFED has supported me through my secondary education and at Kitwe Teachers Training College, where I earned a diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2019. I am the secretary of the CAMFED Association Kitwe District Committee and also a trained Transition Guide.

As an Early Childhood Teacher I will be a role model, maintaining a positive learning environment. I am most excited about meeting my new class, new colleagues, moving to a new location, and receiving my monthly salary.
My personal experience is going to help me support every learner in my class because I will remember where I came from, especially when it comes to vulnerable children because I was once like them. I believe knowledge and education are the basis of all things that can later be accomplished in life. Teachers provide the power of education to today’s youths by giving them the possibility for a better future.


Bertha, Science Teacher, Mpika district

“I have been waiting for this opportunity for some time now, because at the moment I am the future breadwinner. Looking at the sacrifices my parents made to see me go to college, they were literally left with nothing. But to be offered this job now, it’s amazing.”

I am excited to be finally using my knowledge to change lives, wow! I will be teaching Science at grade eight and nine. Apart from being a subject teacher, I will be a role model to my learners, executing my duties positively. I am going to inspire my students so they can aspire to be successful people, so that they make it in life. That will make me the happiest teacher.

Teaching is important because it is a medium through which education is carried out and so knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. For learners, education is important because it helps them to have a sharp mind to make smart decisions.


Agness, Early Childhood Education Teacher, Kasama district

“I was very happy and felt privileged to be appointed amongst the thousands of applicants. In my new job I will have the responsibility of looking after learners, teaching them and interacting with them as a friend.”

CAMFED supported me through secondary school and to tertiary education where I studied for a diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE) at Kasama College Of Education. Now I am a qualified early childhood educator who specializes in all the five subjects that ECE learners take. I am excited to be teaching in the government school for I will be having some extra time to mentor the pupils and will get paid during the holidays too.

My personal experiences growing up in a poor household – but then training as both a CAMFED Transition Guide and Learner Guide – will help me to interact with every child regardless of their background. Education is important because it enables one to grow psychologically. Education can also enable one to get a job and become financially stable.


Lillian, Early Childhood Education Teacher, Milenge district

“When I heard I was among the teachers who were recruited, it was unbelievable and I felt as if I was dreaming. I had waited seven years for government deployment to be a full time teacher.”

My name is Lillian, I am from Milenge district in the Northern Region of Zambia. CAMFED supported me in my final 3 years of secondary school and into training at Evelyn Hone College, Lusaka where I obtained an Advanced Diploma in Computer Science.

I am so excited to start my role as an Early Childhood Education teacher and impart knowledge and transform learners into responsible citizens. I will be responsible for planning and preparing the classroom, safety and educational programs, supervision and providing a supportive environment in which children can learn. I will myself learn self-exploration, expand my skill sets, and build confidence.

Having education helps people think, feel and behave in a way that contributes to their success, and improves their standard of living. Education provides stability in life and it is something that no one can take away from you. Education helps us gain respect in society. With my fellow educated young women in the CAMFED Association, we will continue to positively change the lives of children.


Amufuba, Teacher, Sioma district

“I was very happy when I found my name published in the Zambian newspapers for the first time ever since I graduated my studies in English and Civic education in 2017.”

My name is Amufuba, I live in Sioma district in the Western province of Zambia. I received support from CAMFED from Grade 8 to 12 and was employed by CAMFED from 2018 to 2022 as an Assistant District Officer.

At the school where I will be posted, I will teach different subjects and be responsible for classroom management. I’m very much excited to go to my new place, seeing new faces of pupils and meeting new teachers with different personalities. Through the experience that I got from volunteering as a CAMFED Transition Guide and Core Trainer in local schools, it will now be my duty to listen, understand, and motivate learners.

Teaching and education are very important because education helps one to acquire knowledge to overcome challenges and find solutions to the problems that one may face.


Belindah, Early Childhood Education Teacher, Mpika district

“It was on July 15 when I saw my name in the newspaper. I couldn’t believe that it was my name and I was very happy! As an Early Childhood Education teacher, I will make sure to identify children with education challenges and give them as much help as I can.”

My name is Belindah, I’m from Mpika district in Zambia. I’m so excited to start my new teaching role! I will deliver quality lessons, support the work of CAMFED and be a good example to learners and the wider community. It’s good now that we have CAMFED Association members who are teachers in the school, especially in schools with CAMFED beneficiaries because we will be there for them.

My personal experience will help me relate to children in the classroom because I will be able to identify children with problems because of the life I have gone through. Education helps children to reach their goals, shape their future and understand what is right or wrong. Every child is important no matter their background and I know that children must receive equal opportunities despite where they come from.

Meet more of our sisters


Martha, Early Childhood Education Teacher, Mpika district

“I felt so glad and delighted when l saw my name among the successful recruits because teaching makes our world better, and I know that l will use my skills and gifts to achieve good things.”


Elizabeth, Secondary School Teacher, Kanchibiya district

“I was the happiest woman in the world on the day I was hired as a teacher, as I started seeing the benefits of my education.”


Memory, Primary School Teacher, Kitwe district

“When I heard I had been selected for a teaching post, I cried out and my heart was full of joy.”


Lucia, Founding CAMFED Association member and teacher, Zimbabwe

“Seeing others going to school due to my help; mentoring others socially, psychologically, physically and even spiritually gives me confidence that I am making lasting change and giving back to my community.”


Aida, CAMFED Association member and Teacher, Tanzania

“I am a role model. I am proud to work in education.”


Sazini, CAMFED Association member and Early Childhood Development Teacher, Zimbabwe

“Early Childhood Development is a crucial stage and the things learnt there are the foundation of a child.”


Watch us on TV Africa, Ghana!

“The transformation of education begins with teachers.”

Meet Pearl, a CAMFED Teacher Mentor and Mathematics Teacher (right), and Haajaratu, a Learner Guide, who was awarded a Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science degree from the University for Development Studies, and is the National Secretary for the CAMFED Association, Ghana. They appeared on TV Africa on World Teachers’ Day to discuss their teamwork to keep the most marginalized students in school and learning.

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I was very happy and felt privileged to be appointed amongst the thousands of applicants. In my new job I will have the responsibility of looking after learners, teaching them and interacting with them as a friend.
Agness, Early Childhood Education Teacher, Kasama district

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