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“We heard your daughter on the radio!” Young women leading coronavirus action in rural Zambia

With coronavirus causing schools to close, this may be the fate of millions more girls. But we are not standing by helplessly. We are taking…


BlogCOVID-19Multiple countries

Try explaining social distancing in a context of ubuntu

As a child of rural Zimbabwe, education saved me from poverty - I’ve been reflecting on what the coronavirus is doing to community.



Advancing Girls’ Rights in Tanzania: The African Women’s Leadership Institute (AWLI) Strengthened My Foundation

Lydia Wilbard, National Director, Tanzania, shares her leadership journey. From losing her mother at a young age to becoming a founding member of the CAMFED…


BlogClimate ChangeGlobal

Young African Women at the Forefront of Action on Climate Change

Can you imagine toiling all day in the heat; getting your children to help you in the fields, and still not growing enough to feed…


BlogSocial JusticeTanzania

This courageous young woman won justice for a 12-year-old sexual abuse victim

This interview highlights the extraordinary courage and deeply ingrained sense of justice among young, educated women.


BlogAbout CAMFEDGlobal

Grassroots diplomacy: The heart of a successful girls’ education program

Anke tells of an intense three-day roundtable on how the UK could use its diplomatic muscle to come behind the global effort to get girls…


BlogCAMFED Association (CAMA)Global

Why community support networks are so important for marginalized girls

For International Day of the Girl 2018, “With Her: A skilled GirlForce”, Fiona Mavhinga shares 4 ways we are changing the world.


BlogTeachersMultiple countries

Celebrating a new generation of teachers

Ahead of World Teachers’ Day (5th October) we spoke to three of the newly qualified ECD teachers, who told us what education and the opportunity…


BlogCAMFED Association (CAMA)Global

Enabling young women to become leaders and change-makers in their communities

To achieve real and lasting change it’s important that educational opportunities don’t end with school, leaving women facing an uncertain future.


BlogClimate ChangeMultiple countries

How girls’ education will help my community become climate smart

Esnath Divasoni, CAMFED Association leader and climate-smart agriculture expert from Zimbabwe explains how girls' education can lead to climate action, helping rural communities to mitigate…



Making the invisible visible: #TimesUp for exclusion

Primrose Mandishona participates in the Global Disability Summit in London (24 July 2018). Primrose wants to see children with disabilities be given access to quality…



Good health starts with education

Paediatrician and CAMFED Association member, Dr Runyararo Mano, explains why we need educated people to improve the economy, to create jobs, and to create better…

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