At this week’s Skoll World Forum on Entrepreneurship in Oxford, UK, CAMFED joins delegates from nearly 65 countries under the uniting  theme “Fault Lines: Creating Common Ground.”

Last month the regional leadership summit of our CAMA alumnae, supported by Skoll, explored ways to leverage the innovative ideas and ground-breaking achievements of young educated women. Women like Mary, who confronted and bridged the fault lines at her university, ensuring that female students can flourish without fear.

Great disruption, with its exposed fault lines, points the way to the first two stages of social entrepreneurship: truly understanding a system and envisioning a new future. Social entrepreneurs are naturally drawn to these exposed fissures, compelled by compassion to save those teetering on the edge.

Sally Osberg, President and CEO, Skoll Foundation

In her latest blog in the Huffington Post and featured on, CAMA’s Development Manager Fiona Mavhinga explores why young educated women with the lived experience of poverty and gender inequity are uniquely placed to lead change with empathy and sensitivity, providing a voice for the voiceless.

Fiona tells the story of CAMA tertiary student Mary, who – in spite of having no money to campaign – won an election for a ministerial position in student government by a landslide, and immediately addressed the issues pushing vulnerable students out of university. Mary did this by bringing people together, rather than tearing them apart – with the most remarkable results.

Read the blog “Fear Doesn’t Live Here: Fighting Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa.”

Mary with her friends at university

CAMA leader Mary (middle) with her friends at university.


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