Education Day 2024

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Climate justice starts in the classroom

This International Day of Education (January 24), join CAMFED’s global movement to ensure that girls and young women can seize green skills and knowledge to remain hopeful, build resilience, and grow independent futures.

With so many families in our rural partner communities reliant on agriculture for their livelihoods already facing the harsh realities of the climate crisis, there’s no time to lose in bringing climate education into both the community and the classroom. That’s why, together with government ministries, CAMFED is poised to roll out new climate education sessions in schools to reach many more young people.


Hear from Mapalo, a secondary student in Zambia

“The CAMFED Agriculture Guides come to talk to us about agriculture and the effects on agriculture from the changing climate. They educate us about how we should keep the environment and how, as girls, we should be able to look after ourselves.

When there is high rainfall, it causes leaching in the soil, meaning that the nutrients that are found in the soil are washed down. So we are not able to have a bumper harvest and the yields are low. I have learned that we can plant certain crops, like onions, and we only need animal manure to add nutrients back into the soil.

We have also learned about water conservation for when it’s too hot or when there is drought. We can keep water in reservoirs and tanks, or even in buckets and drums, so we can preserve it for the dry season.”

I'm very passionate about education because I have seen how other people live [after completing school]. One of the teachers around here, she's young and independent. So I also want to live a type of life like that where I'm able to work and provide for my family.
Mapalo, CAMFED supported student, Zambia
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Hear from CAMFED's Climate Education Experts

Watch this presentation and learn from CAMFED’s experts about how our new climate education sessions were developed with input from young women, school children, community members as well as key education stakeholders such as university faculty, head teachers, and Teacher Mentors (government teachers with additional CAMFED training).

School graduates taking the lead on climate education


UK government support for girls' education: Minister for Africa speaks to CAMFED's CEO

January 24, 2024

Today the UK government, underscoring its commitment to girls’ education, released the video conversation between the Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, Minister for Development and Africa, and CAMFED’s CEO Angie Murimirwa. 



New research reveals the impact of young women climate leaders in Africa

1,078 CAMFED Agriculture Guides and the 9,262 agripreneurs they trained and supported across three countries, have reached more than 100,000 community members with climate-smart techniques.


Girls and climate justice education

December 6, 2023

Young people in rural Africa produce minimal carbon emissions, yet are on the frontline of the crisis. Their experiences of the climate crisis in their daily lives include flooding, damage to their schools, reduced productivity of smallholder plots and hunger, which affects their ability to learn. In this blog, CAMFED’s Alice Saisha and Catherine Boyce set out our inclusive and contextually-relevant response.



Let Girls Learn profiles CAMFED’s climate-smart teaching farm

Come behind the scenes at CAMFED’s climate-smart teaching farm in Chinsali, Zambia – subject of a video-led feature for the Evening Standard’s ‘Let Girls Learn’ series. You’ll hear from Naomi and her fellow Agriculture Guides about the sustainable techniques they use and pass on to others.

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