Dotto's Story - Video Transcript

Dotto Ally Ramadhani, Learner Guide, Tanzania Before I got support from CAMFED I thought I had to stop going to school. I did not have school uniforms, and rent for a room was hard to pay. I thought that if I didn’t get the funding, I had to get married, just stay home. After finishing school I felt really bad because I was going back to a difficult life and I did not know how I was going to support myself.

In my experience as a Learner Guide I have developed the ability to stand and talk in front of people. I got business training. My businesses is soap-making, African prints and batik. The money I save, I use for family issues because my family is poor. I am always prepared in case of anything like a funeral or sickness. My goal in business is that I wish to be a great businesswoman.

I am respected and called a teacher wherever I go. People call me Madam. The My Better World program was developed with the aim of increasing student’s school performance, reducing absenteeism and reducing pregnancy and child marriage. The My Better World program gave me the ability to lead a class and discover the problems of children. It has kept the students close to me, when they face challenges they come to me to tell me.

The student I helped is called Khadija, who couldn’t afford to buy even a sanitary pad due to difficult living conditions. When she approaches her days, she informs me and I give her some pads, which has contributed to improved attendance.

Khadija, Secondary Student, Tanzania I see Dotto as my guardian because she has helped me with things I missed in my community. Dotto has helped me with money to eat, bought socks, helped me get a uniform, and made me feel as good as other students. Dotto is a role model to the community because she helps me with so many things I was lacking at school. Dotto is someone I can talk to about my personal problems outside of the classroom. 

Dotto Ally Ramadhani, Learner Guide, Tanzania My hope for the future is to help my family even more, to change their status in life, do great things for them.

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