CAMFED Annual Review 2021

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Big Sisters, Big Impact, Big Ambitions

CAMFED’s 2021 Annual Review looks back on the first year of our most ambitious strategic plan yet: to support 5 million more girls to go to school. 

Global recognition and extraordinary partnerships helped us surmount growing challenges to further scale our programs for gender equality, social justice, economic development and climate action.

And you are part of our work. Together we are catalyzing the power of the most vulnerable girls and young women to create the future they imagine — for themselves, for their communities, and for Africa.

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The CAMFED Multiplier Effect in 2021:

  • Through donor funds, CAMFED supported 250,497 students to go to primary and secondary school at 7,018 government schools across 166 districts in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi.
  • Members of our CAMFED Association (women leaders educated with CAMFED support) financially supported an additional 590,087 students, and CAMFED Community Champions (parents, teachers and local officials) collectively supported another 454,511 vulnerable students in 2021 – quadrupling donor investment.

The 207,941 young women leaders in our CAMFED Association share a background of exclusion, and a determination to support more girls in their communities to learn, thrive, and step up as leaders at every level, changing the status quo for girls for good. As Learner Guides, Transition Guides, Business Guides and Climate-smart Agriculture Guides they mentor and provide skills training to girls in school and young women beyond the school gates, supporting each other into lives of independence and influence.  

Watch the video to learn more, and explore our interactive Annual Review below.

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We have experienced the benefits of education, hence we want others who don’t have the resources to benefit too, multiplying what CAMFED gave us! We also understand the importance of continued support for girls when they graduate from school - we have that road map now.
Lucia Punungwe, Founding member of the CAMFED Association, teacher and entrepreneur, Zimbabwe


CAMFED Annual Review (North America)

CAMFED’s 2021 Annual Review looks back on our most ambitious year yet. It was the first year of our new strategic plan: to support five million more girls to go to school by 2025, and with you by our side we are on course to meet that goal.

Download the 2021 Review (USA/Canada)

Meet Lucia

Lucia embodies CAMFED’s programs and expertise.  One of the first girls supported by CAMFED in Zimbabwe in 1993, she became a founding member of our CAMFED Association of women leaders.  She’s also the first female maths teacher at her former school, determinedly tackling gender stereotypes. As a CAMFED Teacher Mentor, she provides additional support to vulnerable girls (‘other Lucias’) and works closely with CAMFED Learner Guides, peer mentors who deliver our My Better World life skills and self-development curriculum in her school. A successful business woman, Lucia also provides goods and employment in her community. She recently trained as a CAMFED Business Guide, helping graduates create and sustain profitable businesses. Her journey from exclusion to expert and philanthropist illustrates the sustainable and transformative impact of girls’ education. 

Lucia on the left in 1993 having just started in Form one at school, and on the right in 2019 at her old school where she teaches mathematics and is a CAMFED Teacher Mentor. (Photo: CAMFED/Cynthia R Matonhodze)

Meet Lucia here

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