From Bricks to Clicks: CAMFED alumna Abigail Kaindu talks education innovation

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Education is the only seed with a multiplying effect.” – CAMFED alumna and CAMA leader Abigail Kaindu who shared her experience with a full house at a recent panel titled, “From bricks to clicks: the impact of innovation in higher education on K-12.

Earlier this month, the Global Education & Skills Forum held its annual conference in Dubai, UAE, with notable speakers and attendees from all over the world.

From March 15th to March 17th, leaders in business, government, public policy, academia, philanthropy and other fields convened to engage with one another in working towards a “better educated and more equitable society on a worldwide scale.”

The Forum featured discussions that focused on technological changes (e.g. mobile, social media, gaming), the huge funding gap in education, and other global issues affecting the world’s growing youth population.

The “From bricks to clicks” panel was moderated by Anne McElvoy, Public Policy & Education Editor at The Economist, UK. Panelists included the Romanian Minister of National Education, the President of EdX, the Chairman of Pamoja Capital, the Founder of Kuepa, and CAMFED alumna Abigail Kaindu who was also representing the UN GEFI Youth Advocacy Group. Photo via Global Education & Skills Forum

One thing that was clearly emphasized across the conference was the urgency for stakeholders from all sectors to forge partnerships and harness emerging technologies to provide access to and improve education for children on a global scale.

Technology enables young rural women to adapt to development at all levels, including social, academic and economic. My personal experience was when I enrolled at College where I needed to type my assignments and do research on a particular subject. It could have taken me six months to learn how to use technology, but thanks to CAMFED who opened an IT centre in my area, I had learned the basics of computers. At this time of 21st generation, IT is a need especially to rural children who will go through a transition from a world of isolation where they are currently living in to a world of change – and no better change can be achieved unless through technology.


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