Supporting girls to learn, thrive and lead change

CAMFED catalyzes the power of the most vulnerable girls and young women to create the future they imagine: for themselves, for their communities, and for Africa.

What we do

Education is a fundamental right, and a matter of justice. Girls' education and women's leadership are also key to tackling our most pressing global challenges. Together, we can ignite the world-changing power of girls’ education:


Women's Leadership

Through the CAMFED Association, women are leading action on the big challenges their countries face - from child marriage, and girls’ exclusion from education, to unemployment and climate change.


Social Justice

Social justice starts with educated girls, supporting each other to become independent, influential women, working together with communities to provide equal access to tools and opportunities for all.


Economic Development

When women gain access to skills training, resources and opportunities to grow rural enterprises, they gain economic independence and agency, supporting themselves, their families and communities to thrive.


Climate Action

Educated women make choices that reduce future carbon emissions and increase community resilience to climate change, including through leadership for sustainable futures and the adoption of climate-smart technologies.


Sisterhood Week returns with powerful new film

In 2024, CAMFED Sisterhood Week returns, bringing the opportunity to watch and share a powerful 12-minute film called TUNAINUANA – Together We Rise.

Join us this Sisterhood Week!

Supporting girls to learn and lead

Our grassroots-led movement is transforming the lives of girls and their communities by educating a new generation of game changers:

  • 7.2M

    Since 1993, we have supported 7.2 million children to go to school in Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, including 2.2 million girls at secondary school

  • 279K

    The CAMFED Association - our powerful network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support - is 278,959 strong and counting

  • 3X

    Evidence shows that girls supported by CAMFED are three times less likely to drop out of school

  • 95%

    Learning outcomes among girls supported by CAMFED have significantly improved, and 95% say they are better able to shape their life goals


You can ignite the CAMFED Multiplier Effect

CAMFED graduates can join Africa’s largest and fastest-growing sisterhood of leaders, the CAMFED Association. Each member, on average, supports another 3 girls to go to school with her own resources, as well as mentoring and encouraging many more. And as a network of activists, we create employment and opportunity, tackling inequality and injustice.

This is the CAMFED Multiplier Effect, and what Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times calls a “perpetual motion machine” — the positive impact a girl’s education has on others’ lives.

Discover CAMFED's Multiplier Effect

News Highlights


CAMFED Annual Review 2023

Read CAMFED’s 2023 Annual Review to find out how together we are transforming the lives of millions of young people in Africa through education and women's leadership.

CAMFED UDS REAL Transformative Education Symposium 2024-20240529_125542

Research Symposium: Community action is the bedrock for systems transformation

At a symposium hosted by the Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre at the University of Cambridge, the University of Dar es Salaam and CAMFED, representatives of government Ministries, researchers, global philanthropic organisations and practitioners joined forces to explore how community engagement, women's leadership and a conducive policy environment can provide the perfect recipe for education systems transformation.

Associated Press Video Bridget Screenshot 2024-05-17 125547

Associated Press features CAMFED's climate leaders in Zambia

Discover the stories of young Zambian women ensuring that all children — including those living with disabilities — can learn and thrive in a changing world.


Video: Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa's TED Talk 2023

Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa, CEO of CAMFED, helped found our sisterhood of leaders for girls’ education – the CAMFED Association – 25 years ago. Watch her TED Talk to see the world through the eyes of a girl in rural Africa, find out why school is not enough, and experience the difference that a ‘Big Sister’ can make.


Let Girls Learn profiles CAMFED's climate-smart teaching farm

Come behind the scenes at CAMFED’s climate-smart teaching farm in Chinsali, Zambia - subject of a video-led feature for the Evening Standard's 'Let Girls Learn' series.

Linley-475568-CAMFED-LG-Angie-Murimirwa-Teacher-Mentor-primary-school-Mulanje-Malawi_WhatsApp Image 2022-04-07

CNN profiles CAMFED's Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa in Changemakers series

CNN’s African Voices Changemakers highlights the leadership of Angeline (Angie) Murimirwa and her sisters in the CAMFED Association, deploying their lived experience and deep expertise to achieve gender equality, economic development and climate action through girls’ education.

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