Associated Press features CAMFED's climate leaders in Zambia

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Bridget and Elizabeth combine climate expertise and sign language to serve students living with a disability

A new video and article from the Associated Press highlight the commitment of young women in our movement to bringing climate justice into the classroom. They are joining forces to deliver climate education sessions using sign language for students with a hearing impairment. 

The stories of Bridget, a CAMFED supported secondary student, and Elizabeth, a CAMFED graduate and trained climate-smart Agriculture Guide, are at the heart of of this powerful feature, captured at a CAMFED partner school in Kasama district.


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How Bridget is pioneering sign language for inclusive climate education

Bridget, who is Head Girl at her school and an aspiring orthopedic surgeon, supports Agriculture Guide Elizabeth by interpreting her sessions into sign language. Sign language doesn’t encompass all the concepts she needs to express — like mulching crops to conserve moisture — so Bridget finger-spells certain words to help her classmates understand. Bridget lives with a physical disability. She learned to sign as a way to better interact with her friends, and pay forward the love and support she has received.

Bridget and Elizabeth’s pioneering work takes CAMFED’s new in-school climate education program to the next level. Introduced in Zambia in partnership with the Ministry of Education, the approach complements the existing curriculum and supports young people – particularly vulnerable girls and their communities – to build climate resilience.

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