Let Girls Learn features CAMFED's climate-smart teaching farm

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The Evening Standard's multi-media reporting platform spotlights young women's climate leadership

Come behind the scenes at CAMFED’s climate-smart teaching farm in Chinsali, Zambia, which is subject of a video-led feature that was just released today. 

The Evening Standard coverage, as part of its ‘Let Girls Learn’ series, centers on Naomi and other Agriculture Guides in our Sisterhood, the CAMFED Association, who are leading climate action and education in the rural communities surrounding the farm. 


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Watch as Naomi gives a tour of our climate-smart teaching farm

In the video and accompanying article, you’ll hear from Naomi about young women’s pioneering work on the farm and within the Chinsali community, as well as the climate education taking place at the local secondary school.

Here are some of the key numbers from our work there:

  • 254 hectares of land were gifted to CAMFED Association members by the late Senior Chief Nkula. His successor presided over the official opening of the farm.
  • 150 young women are working on the farm, engaged in activities including beekeeping, crop cultivation, poultry and fish farming.
  • 832 community members, mostly women and girls, have already been reached by these climate-smart agriculture experts.
  • 312 Agriculture Guides across Zambia have already trained 1,260 of their fellow CAMFED Association sisters, and reached more than 4,000 community members with information on climate-smart farming techniques. 

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The Leader Podcast shares expertise from CAMFED's climate leaders

23 June 2023

In this podcast from the Evening Standard, hear journalists Ros Russell and Farai Shawn Matiashe in conversation about the consequences of climate change for those living on the front lines. They bring in the expertise of young women and girls in rural Zambia, who, with support from CAMFED, are championing the solutions their communities so urgently need.




I’m Naomi, a game changer in the CAMFED Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support in Zambia. I am respected in my community and beyond for my activism on big issues like girls’ exclusion from education and climate change.



Senior Chief Nkula launches our climate-smart demonstration farm in Chinsali, Zambia

CAMFED is delighted to announce the launch of our first large-scale climate-smart Demonstration Farm in Chinsali, Zambia. The farm was opened by Senior Chief Nkula, who has gifted 304 hectares of land across two plots to our young women leaders. This exciting venture will strengthen CAMFED’s award-winning climate-smart Agriculture Guide program.

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