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We’re Martha, Ruhia, Chipo, Issabella, Christine, Stella and Sophia, part of CAMFED’s Sisterhood of game changers, proud to represent more than 250,000 leaders educated with CAMFED support. We’re here to support each other on the journey to independence and influence, and in turn send more girls to school. Together, we’re shifting mindsets, and changing the narrative for women in all walks of life!

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Education has given us power and agency. Now, as a sisterhood of leaders in health, climate, business, education, tech, community development and policy, we’re shifting gender norms and mindsets in our communities and professions across Africa. And that means we’re changing the prospects for vulnerable girls for good! Are you with us?

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We are climate game changers!

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I’m Martha and I’m a climate game changer

Growing up, my parents could barely feed our family. As subsistence farmers their crops were affected by climate change. Despite our struggles, I always reminded myself that education is the one thing I need to move forward.

Today, I’m a successful climate-smart agribusiness entrepreneur specializing in mushroom production. I am feeding my community, creating jobs and training young women on climate-smart agri-practices.

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Mary in Zimbabwe

I support vulnerable rural residents to build resilience in the face of the global climate change emergency – by sharing knowledge and strategies on how to address the impacts we face in rural Zimbabwe.


Our sisters running a teaching farm in Zambia

Meet our climate education experts and activists on CAMFED’s climate-smart demo farm in Chinsali, Zambia. Young women are teaching climate-smart agriculture, growing resilience, fighting hunger, creating jobs, keeping children in school and creating a more equitable world for all of us.


Tawonga in Malawi

I’m Tawonga. With CAMFED support I completed my education and studied agriculture at EARTH University. Now I am plowing back my climate-smart knowledge into my community and supporting young women farmers to increase their yields and create jobs for other young people.

We are health game changers!

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I’m Alice and I’m a health game changer

I almost dropped out of school because of poverty. In Form 2 of secondary school, CAMFED stepped in to support me through the rest of my education, including at Nursing College.

Now, I’m a Registered Nurse and a role model, particularly to girls. I reach out to young people with information on sexual and reproductive health, as well as pointing them to additional services. My work is helping them stay safe and healthy in school and in the community.

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Tendai in Zimbabwe

I’m Tendai from Zimbabwe. CAMFED supported me through school, but illness almost held me back. I persevered and now am studying to become a medical doctor. I want my achievement to benefit my fellow CAMFED Association members, and it should be seen as my community’s achievement.


Juliana in Ghana

Because I am a CAMFED Association member, I believe in the power of giving back to my society. The day I delivered a baby on the roadside, I was motivated to help her deliver safely because of my love for rural women and children.


Our sisters volunteering as peer health educators

CAMFED Association members trained as Learner Guides act as peer-support mentors who volunteer in schools. They provide vital sexual and reproductive health information, work to prevent HIV/AIDS and keep girls safe from exploitation.

We are education game changers!

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I’m Chipo and I’m an education game changer

Grade 7 — the final year of primary school — could have been my highest educational attainment had it not been for CAMFED. It stepped in to support me both in the classroom and beyond, through our powerful Sisterhood of educated women leaders.

I am a proud holder of a Diploma in Education. I am a teacher in my community, working with children living with disabilities. Through CAMFED training, I also became my school’s Teacher Mentor, providing additional psychosocial support and counseling to the most vulnerable students.

Meet more education game changers


Martha in Zambia

I’m Martha from Mpika district in Zambia. I was recently recruited, along with 116 of my fellow sisters in the CAMFED Association by the Teaching Service Commission to start my first teaching post.


Lucia in Zimbabwe

I am ever grateful to CAMFED, which came to my rescue and paid my fees to help me complete school. I see a lot of “Lucias” – girls just like me, who are really in need. I hope I inspire them the way my sisters in the CAMFED Association inspire me every day.


Aida in Tanzania

I was the first CAMFED Association member in Tanzania to qualify as a Teacher and also trained as a Teacher Mentor. I provide additional guidance and counselling to vulnerable students in my school.

We are business game changers!

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I’m Issabella and I’m a business game changer

I almost dropped out of school because of the challenges I faced, and had no hope of progressing to university to pursue my dream. From childhood I have wanted to be a fashion designer because of my love for color.

Through CAMFED support, I now hold a Bachelor of Technology in Fashion Design and Technology. I’m a successful businesswoman bringing jobs to my community and mentoring over 300 young women — passing on my skills in sewing and in entrepreneurship — so they can also start out in business.

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Our sisters sharing their business expertise

CAMFED Association members trained as Business Guides help their peers to start and grow successful businesses, so they can create jobs for themselves and others, build a brighter future, and enable the next generation of children to thrive in school.


Zeolia in Tanzania

I am an entrepreneur, farming potatoes on four acres of land, running a piggery, and an agroforestry business. Through my businesses, I am able to provide employment opportunities for my community.

Happiness-Mpofu-98821-CAMA-Lupane-ZIM_WhatsApp Image 2022-03-16 at 08.39.58

Happiness in Zimbabwe

I am not an ordinary young woman. I am a business woman. I am walking through the streets of success with optimism of a greater future ahead.

We are community game changers!

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I’m Christine and I’m a community game changer

Life growing up was really tough. I lost my parents when I was young and my cousin, who stepped up as my guardian, struggled to support me. I was at the edge of dropping out of school, but with the support that I got from CAMFED I was able to complete my education.

As a member of its Sisterhood of graduates, I have acquired skills that I use to improve the lives of people in my community, especially vulnerable children. I am proud of what I’ve been able to achieve, including through my work as a ‘Big Sister’ trained through CAMFED’s Guide programs.

Hear from more community game changers


Dotto in Tanzania

In my experience as a Learner Guide I have developed the ability to stand and talk in front of people. I got business training. The money I save, I use for family issues because my family is poor. My goal in business is that I wish to be a great businesswoman.


Naomi in Zambia

I am proud of the progress made by my learners, seeing them become more confident and resilient through my mentoring and guidance. With the skills I have learned in my role, I feel better equipped to tackle community issues.

We are tech game changers!

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I’m Stella and I’m a tech game changer

When I was at school, I came close to dropping out because of my lack of fees, exercise books, and other scholastic materials. CAMFED supported me with these school-going needs so I could continue.

Now, I’ve finished my tertiary education and I am an ICT technician. With my income, I’m able to support my family and community members, including disadvantaged students and elderly people. My tech expertise enables me to help other CAMFED graduates to use media platforms, so we can connect and share knowledge with our sisters in other districts and countries.

Hear from more tech game changers


Patience in Zimbabwe

I assist young women from rural areas by providing them with current information updates and help them adapt to the new normal where everything is digitalized, such as online applications to Universities and colleges, virtual interviews and digital marketing for those in business.


Grace in Zambia

Studying ICT has really helped me to understand the modern world I am living in. I am still surprised and amazed at how computers work and I want to understand how we can use them to benefit all society. 


Deborah in Tanzania

Coming into this training, being exposed to this kind of technology — it uplifted my spirit; I thought ‘there is another opportunity, there is life again; I can make it, I can dream again.’ Having that transition of status in society, I felt I was a different person.

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