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Text Vida Acheliyem CAMA Member & Entrepreneur


Vida, CAMFED Association Member and Entrepreneur At the time I was to start school I lost my father, so I was living with only my mother and my junior sisters. My mother could not take care of me so CAMFED came in and sponsored me. Now I’m doing my own business because I went to school. Had I not studied, I would not be able to do my own business. I produce baby’s Tom Brown for sale. It’s a nutritious food, we use it to prepare porridge. I always supply Tom Brown to stores.


Aviapawoa Puawotigi, Vida’s Mother In all my years as a farmer I hadn’t made a profit like I did last year working with my daughter. She processed the rice which sold very quickly and the profits she made marveled everyone. With those profits she was able to put a roof on the factory she uses as a processing plant, and she even cemented the floor.

Now I hear people say that she has become a very successful entrepreneur. They see her as a role model amongst her friends. But for now I am very happy and very strong to work on my farm because my daughter has brought change and a lot of great things. I am happy for CAMFED and I am happy for my daughter.


Vida, CAMFED Association Member and Entrepreneur My life has changed because now I have confidence to stand in front of people and talk. And because of CAMFED I have now got the ability to do my own business and I’m feeding myself and my family.


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