One Million School Days – We Did It!


With your support we have reached our goal to fund One Million School Days! That means another 5,555 marginalized girls from rural communities across Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe will have the opportunity to learn and thrive at school this year.

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Thank you from Tanzania

As thousands more girls secure their right to education, they will graduate into the CAMFED Association, progress into productive livelihoods andthrough their own meanssupport more girls to go to school. Nasikiwa Duke, National Director, CAMFED Tanzania shares her thanks with you in this recorded message.

Now on to the next Million!

With millions of girls across sub-Saharan Africa still out of school, our work doesn’t stop here. Once a girl is selected for support, we make a commitment to keep her in secondary education for its duration. That’s typically four years, which is a lot of days to fund!

Staying involved couldn’t be easier. Check out some of the opportunities below.

Ignite change with CAMFED

Office staff at Genie fundraise for CAMFED by holding a pancake sale

Workplace, School and Group Fundraising

Organizing a workplace fundraiser? Taking part in an event or looking to fundraise with your classroom? Pledge your support to girls’ education.


Brand Partnerships 

Looking to develop an innovative cause marketing campaign that connects your customers to your social impact at checkout? Talk to us today to learn more. 


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By supporting a marginalized girl’s education today, you will help her to learn, thrive and lead, creating the future she imagines — for herself, for her community, and for Africa.


Meet our School Days community

A growing movement of like-minded individuals and organizations committed to supporting vulnerable girls to go to school, learn, thrive and lead change. Making the world a better place for everyone.


Pictured here, Siyana and Andy Huszar, Co-Founders of Marcella, have partnered with us since late 2019, Marcella has already supported 110,000 school days for girls in our partner communities, with a goal of reaching 13,500,000 million school days within four years.

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Can you imagine? One million girls who are educated. One million girls who are advocates for education. One million girls who are leading in their communities. Can you imagine this force? It is something remarkable.
Fiona Mavhinga, Executive Advisor, CAMFED Association

Secure a girl's right to education

Educate a girl with CAMFED today, so that she can learn, thrive and join our movement of influential leaders.

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