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Linley, Learner Guide, Malawi Hi everyone. I’m Linley, a CAMFED Association member from Mulanje district in Malawi. As of now I want to explain more about the Learner Guide program. When I say Learner Guide, I mean someone who is a role model and who can teach learners in and out of the school.

Being a Learner Guide, I have developed a lot and this program helps me in various ways. For example, I have got a certificate in teaching obtained at Machinga TTC [Teachers Training College] in 2020. And I have gained these skills and knowledge in how I can deliver my sessions into school. My role is important in my community and in the school because as of now, especially young women, they are able to make the right decisions that can help them for everyday life and they are able to understand how to live a healthy life due to sexual and reproductive health knowledge.

A lot of teachers in my school and around the Mulanje district, they appreciate more about this program due to minimizing the number of school drop outs and early marriages. Young women, as of now, they are able to complete their education for primary school up to secondary school. My Better World book, this book is so very essential to learners due to short stories from the beginning of each and every page. Leaners are able to understand it, and they read it for themselves.

At last, I’ve come up with a certain story of a certain lady who left school due to early marriage and I as a Learner Guide, I managed to move her from marriage and as I am talking, she is back to school. Thank you very much.

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