Kristof Holiday Impact Prize - CAMFED Update - One Year On

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Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof named CAMFED- the Campaign for Female Education – as Grand Prize winner of the 2020 Kristof Holiday Impact Prize. Nick unleashed a groundswell of support among the generous readers of the New York Times, with more than 3,300 individuals choosing to invest in girls’ education in Africa.

It costs on average $150 to support a girl through a year of high school in the rural areas where CAMFED works, meaning that the funds raised would be enough to support over 30,000 marginalized girls. Each CAMFED client – facing the risk of permanent exclusion from education due to the pandemic – receives the holistic support she needs to go to high school, learn and thrive.

CAMFED’s 27 years of experience partnering with girls and their communities have shown that poverty and low academic self-esteem are the biggest barriers to their education. Your donations have helped break down those barriers through the provision of school fees, required uniforms, sanitary pads and other essentials, combined with guidance and counseling from trained Teacher Mentors.

Watch this video to hear from Fanny, a CAMFED supported student from Malawi, who says: “If you want to develop this country, if you want to develop this world, we have to focus on education. Give girls their right of going to school!”. The impact of your donation will not only be felt by tens of thousands of girls like Fanny, but by many more into the future. You have fired up what Nick Kristof calls CAMFED’s ‘perpetual motion machine’, which sees graduates pay forward their education to girls in the next generation: Each CAMFED alumna supports, on average, three more girls through school with her own resources, creating prosperity, tackling inequality, improving health and igniting climate action across Africa.

Thank you so much to all who made this incredible change possible. As CAMFED’s motto goes: ‘Pamoja Tunaweza!’ which is Swahili for ‘Together We Can!’


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