Education changes everything

When you make a gift to CAMFED, you’re helping:

  • Girls: We provide girls with individualized financial and material support to attend and succeed in school – including items like decent clothes, notebooks, and menstrual products – and build a nurturing social support network around them.
  • Young women: When girls graduate, we support them to transition to secure work and positions of leadership through the CAMFED Association — a sisterhood of over 250,000 educated young women who in turn support the next generation of girls.
  • Entire generations: We partner with governments to transform education systems to better serve the needs of all children.

This is JOY

For an individual girl, education changes everything. It’s her right, and it unlocks her power to determine who she will become and what she will do with her life.

For the world, girls’ education can change our future trajectory. It has been proven time and again to advance health, social justice, economic development, and even our ability to tackle climate change.


JOY IS… Knowing you have everything you need to attend and thrive in school

“My parents were struggling to support me and my other six siblings, but I was determined to stay in school alongside my fellow classmates and to reach my full potential.

After progressing to secondary school, I was so excited to find out I had been selected for support from CAMFED for the rest of my time at school — with school supplies including exercise books and a school bag, as well as groceries. I became so much happier with CAMFED’s support, as it felt like a heavy load had been lifted off my parents’ shoulders. I felt even more motivated to work hard in school and become the best version of myself.”

– Faiza, secondary student from Ghana

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For me, education access, equity, quality – powers me. I know personally what it means to get that chance because I was excluded at one point. And the opportunity to get an education is a gift. It's like getting your life back and the chance to shape the world.

Whatever we can all do in this time, in this season, while we are still breathing, to be able to help one more girl, two more girls, three more girls to just get that chance – it’s phenomenal. We’ll make every dollar, every cent, given to CAMFED count.
Angeline Murimirwa, CAMFED CEO

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Being part of a sisterhood that will help you transition from graduation into secure work and leadership

  • 3X

    Evidence shows that girls supported by CAMFED are three times less likely to drop out of school

  • 279K

    The CAMFED Association - our powerful network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support - is 278,959 strong and counting

  • 60K

    59,538 leaders in the CAMFED Association belong to decision-making bodies (equivalent to 21% of members), changing the status quo for women and girls.

Donate a year of school today, and experience the joy of making a difference.


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