International Day of Happiness - Reasons to smile from our Sisterhood

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Celebrate International Day of Happiness (March 20) with your sisters in the CAMFED Association, the network of women leaders educated with CAMFED support.

Scroll down to meet young women from across Zimbabwe, all from a disadvantaged backgrounds, who are now in higher education or are recent graduates. They share their reasons to smile and be happy, and explain why happiness is an essential ingredient and a pre-requisite in their lives.

What makes you happy? Just tag @camfed on social media to share what happiness means to you.

Reasons to smile from our Sisterhood in Zimbabwe



“I am happy and I want to stay happy for the rest of my life. The reason being that I managed to finish my four year social work degree and because God loves me.”



“Just being healthy and strong puts a smile on my face.”



“The major reason for my happiness that is that l am about to change my family life for the better. I see it coming and it is not far. One of my dreams is to build my parents a contemporary designer home.”



“Every time I think of CAMFED, I find myself smiling. CAMFED has changed my life completely.”



“I choose to be happy as I will be finishing my honors degree in Banking and Finance in May this year!”



“I choose happiness all the time because I deserve it.”



“I am motivated to prosper. Prosperity has therefore been my joy.”

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“Finishing my four year degree in Media and Cultural Studies has given me unimaginable happiness.”



“Seeing the next person smiling because of me is what makes me the happiest person in the world!”



“l am happy because through CAMFED l met friends at university. l now have a better life. I have multiple reasons to be happy and sisters and friends to share my happiness with!”



“Graduating in 2021 with a BTEC qualification in Automotive Engineering has given me meaning to the years I have spent in school. I am happy.”



“If I were to be given a second name it would be Happiness! In 2017, who knew that in four years time I’d be holding my National Diploma in Accountancy? But CAMFED made it possible and for that I’ll forever be grateful.”



“The real woman smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. It’s been a long and stressful journey to make it this far. I’m grateful for CAMFED’s unwavering support so I can achieve my dream of becoming a competent Social Worker.”



“Mine is actually a double smile! First because in a few years I’ll be the only doctor in my family and second, because of CAMFED for funding for this future.”



“I was smiling here because it was my first day on a work attachment. I am happy that I found the attachment and that my dream of becoming a real technician is finally shaping up.”



“I am glowing because I have peace of mind. This is credit to CAMFED Zimbabwe. I am forever grateful.”


Tracy and Patience

“We are happy that we’ll be finishing our course. We are IT engineers in our final year of studying. We are happy to be finishing our four year course in two week’s time!”



“I’m happy because I bounce back quickly. I have no problem changing plans or recovering from disappointments or moments of frustration. If it rains, we take our parade elsewhere and have just as much fun!”



“Waking up every morning realizing that I have been blessed with another day to change the world and correct my mistakes gives me a reason enough to smile everyday.”


Happiness stands tall among men

“When I finished school, I noticed that the demand in my community for technology-related services — such as mobile banking, internet, and phone services — was very high. Not one to miss a good opportunity, I knew that I could fill the gap!

Through CAMFED I was able to access a small business loan, which I used to start my enterprise specializing in mobile phones, repairs and accessories.

I am not an ordinary young woman. I am a business woman. I am walking through the streets of success with optimism of a greater future ahead.”

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