Getruda, CAMFED Association member, Tanzania - Video Transcript

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Getruda, CAMFED Association member, Tanzania: Hi my name is Getruda and I’m from Tanzania. I am a member of CAMFED Sisterhood. Education has helped me to become the woman I am today because it gave me a chance to define what it means to be a woman from my own perspective, and to also believe in my own potential that I have the capability to transform and influence positive change into this world.

I’m very excited to attend the Girls Opportunity Alliance ‘Get Her There’ event because this is an opportunity for me to see and appreciate all the effort that other people are putting into making sure that all girls around the globe get equal access to education. And also, this is a chance for me to learn how to be part of this movement.

And it is very important for women around the globe to come together and help the next generation of girls, because if it is not a woman, then who? If it is not a woman, believing that girls deserve equal access in education, in employment, in position of power, in decision making, and in making decision about their bodies, then who?


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