Faith*, Secondary Student, Zambia - Video Transcript

Faith, Secondary Student, Zambia I want to be a doctor because I want to save other people’s lives and so that I can earn a living for myself and my family, so that we can secure our future; we can have a better life. My name is Faith, I live in northern Zambia. I’m in Grade 9 and I’m a prefect at my school.

After three years my parents died and my aunt took me here. So she raised me and I consider her as my mum. My aunt didn’t have a job, so it has been hard for her to raise money so that she can take me to school. In Zambia, once you reach Grade 8 to Grade 12 you need to pay money. After I started doing my Grade 8, I used to be chased out of school because I couldn’t pay money.

At the time when I was not going to school, I used to help my aunt by going together to the farm, helping her to wash the plates, cook, sweep… all the chores. I stopped going to school because I had no one to sponsor me, but after Alice came in my life, I started going back to school. I never wanted to stop going to school, it was just that it was hard to raise money. But after that, I was so excited that I could go back to school.

When I think about Alice, I just thank her and may God bless her for what she has done for me, because I’m able to go to school. Without her, maybe I would have just got married, have children, have a family of my own. Education is important because it is a key to success. I have seen many people with the same life that I’ve been through, and they have been to school, and they have fought for their careers, and they have finished their school and now they have their jobs, and they have a better future.

If my family could see me now, they would be happy because they always support me in everything that I do.


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*Faith’s name has been changed to protect her identity.


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