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CAMFED's new 5-year strategic plan 2021-25 is centered on our goal to support the education of five million girls

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We get girls into school, help them to learn, support them to succeed, and unlock their power to lead.

CAMFED has launched a new 5-year strategic plan 2021-25, centered on our goal to support the education of five million girls in sub-Saharan Africa. This represents a step change from our previous strategic plan, with its goal to support one million girls in school, which was successfully achieved. Our goal to support five million girls to attend and thrive in school is centered on the ‘Multiplier Effect,’ whereby women who have been supported by CAMFED through school provide social and economic support to the next generation of girls.

Find out how we will deliver our ambitious new strategy:




Watch a special virtual event with our Executive Director, Angeline Murimirwa, to learn why CAMFED was named the top organization in 2020 by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.



CAMFED Association: Keeping girls in school

Discover the women using their lived experience of poverty and exclusion to make sure this generation of girls get access to school, learn when they get there, and thrive in and beyond school.



Video: The CAMFED Learner Guide Program

The Learner Guide Program sees young women who have experienced first-hand the barriers to education for girls in marginalized communities - and have received support to go to school - return to their local schools as mentors and role models.

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