CAMFED Recognized as Leader in Use of Technology and Impact Data to Inform Girls’ Education Programs

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Camfed Recognized as Leader in use of Technology and Impact Data to Inform Girls’ Education Programs

A recent article on Devex, the social enterprise platform that delivers important news and intelligence for the development community, commended CAMFED for the effective use of ground breaking technology and evaluation of “big data” in support of girls’ education in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the article, Devex lists CAMFED as one of eight examples of how the global development community uses big data, including longitudinal data (which the digital revolution is making ever easier to capture, store and process) to monitor, evaluate and improve programs.

CAMFED is at the forefront of delivering innovative technology that supports our clients and programmes. Over 121,000 community activists from 115 rural districts across Zimbabwe, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and Malawi monitor the delivery of entitlements to girls. Using mobile technology, they track individual girls’ progress through school, uploading data on bursaries, family situation, attendance, performance and post-secondary engagement to CAMFED’s Salesforce CRM database. The resulting data analysis, evaluated with communities and shared with partners, informs joint action.

CAMFED’s graduates in the pan-African CAMA alumnae network, who volunteer their time as core trainers, members of Community Development Committees and Learner Guides in local schools, also receive mobile phones, and are connected to each other through CAMFED’s unique mobile technology platform, the Social Education Network (SEN), which opens up new connectivity and resources for young people in rural areas.

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