As the Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support turns 25, here’s how our sisterhood of girls’ education activists is celebrating this incredible milestone…


Ghanaian Chief celebrates young women’s community efforts on the Radio

On September 4, 2023 CAMFED Association Leaders and Learner Guides  from 12 districts across Ghana were broadcast live on FM radio stations to celebrate their stellar contributions to community development.

The segments garnered an enthusiastic response with an average of 10 listeners calling in to appreciate the young women and encourage them to keep up the good work in their communities.

One of the callers, Chief Akara, Traditional Leader of Bongo district (pictured left) called in and shared how the CAMFED Association (CAMA) is very active and truly works to effect change through social activities, mentoring, and other initiatives in the region.

CAMA Bongo is changing the narrative, and I am always willing to support you.
Chief Akara, Traditional Leader of Bongo district, Northern Region, Ghana

Stories from our unstoppable sisterhood



I am proud of being a businesswoman. I am proud of being a leader. I am proud of how CAMFED has shaped my life and the role model I’ve become. I love my job as Vice Chairperson of Kibaha Rural District Council, and I am happy to be making life better for women and girls in my community.




I’m Natasha, an education activist and Environmental Management expert from Zambia. I believe that when you get a chance to get an education, you should grab it with both hands, because there is no greater equalizer than education.

Khadija Iddrisu



I’m Khadija, a tech game changer from Ghana. From saving up my lunch money to access the internet café, to becoming an award-winning Machine Intelligence expert — I am living out my dreams as a trailblazing young woman in STEM.




My name is Esnath and I am a climate game changer in Zimbabwe. As a member of the CAMFED Association, sustainable agriculture expert and entrepreneur, I am a role model to girls and young women in my community who aspire for a brighter future as climate leaders.

Hendrina-Chauma-702203-LG-Machinga-MW-LG-Documentary-Yidan-Funded-Oct-2022_Christopher Loades-DSC02074



I'm Hendrina from Malawi. CAMFED stepped in to support my secondary education so I could follow my dreams of becoming a clothing designer. Today I’m a respected businesswoman and I am even making school uniforms for CAMFED students.


TED Talk: Powering the sisterhood

Don’t miss the latest TED Talk from CEO of CAMFED and co-founder of the CAMFED Association, Angeline Murimirwa. She’ll show how, with 25 years’ experience and 250,000 members, we’re working at pace to ensure millions more girls can learn, thrive and lead.

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