CAMFED 101 with Fiona Mavhinga and Mercy Chirwa

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An important update on Cyclone Freddy and relief efforts led by our Sisterhood in Malawi

Despite the adversity we ourselves have faced, our resilience and dedication to helping others remains unwavering.

Mercy Chirwa, CAMFED Association member, Malawi

CAMFED’s annual online “101” event returns, hosted this year by the CAMFED Association’s Executive Advisor, Fiona Mavhinga. Fiona was joined at the event by Mercy Chirwa, a CAMFED District Operations Officer and Association member from Malawi, who has been part of our frontline efforts in response to Cyclone Freddy.

Several districts in southern Malawi, including Nsanje where Mercy works, were recently devastated by Cyclone Freddy—one of the most powerful and longest lasting storms ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. Ever since, young women like her have been rallying support around those worst affected by the disaster.

Mercy personally prepared 190 liters of rice porridge, which, with others, she distributed among children, pregnant women and the elderly. They were able to reach 105 people in three displacement camps, ahead of the government response.

Two months on, Mercy joined Fiona in conversation, to give an update on the situation for girls, young women and communities in Nsanje and beyond, as well as to talk about what motivates CAMFED graduates to give back to their communities. 

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We will be rallying around partner communities - especially disadvantaged children of school-going age - for whom the cyclone is another crushing blow on top of the cholera outbreak.


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