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Here's what we achieved together in 2022. Thank you for being part of our movement!

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In the face of so many challenges, CAMFED’s global community has provided girls across Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe with the support they need to thrive in school and transition into higher education, entrepreneurship and employment. We’ve announced exciting new partnerships, and continued working with Ministries to scale our programs. Our graduates in the CAMFED Association shared their expertise on global platforms, and through their leadership are proving every day the power of girls’ education.

We look forward to 2023 with hope and possibility. Together We Can!

– Angeline Murimirwa & Lucy Lake, CAMFED’s Co-Executives


CAMFED’s African Sisterhood: Leadership for girls’ education

Delve into some of our social media highlights, showcasing the achievements of our sisters across Africa – members of our CAMFED Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support – who throughout 2022 have continued to demonstrate the transformative power of education: 

Showcasing the activism, expertise and achievements of our CAMFED Sisterhood in 2022 – click the image to view our social media highlights

New partnerships & platforms in 2022


Joining Michelle Obama to launch the "Get Her There" campaign

In October, CAMFED Association members from Ghana,  Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania joined former First Lady Michelle Obama, Melinda French Gates, Amal Clooney, Wanjiru Wahome and Sara Sidner at an exclusive luncheon at the Manhattan Center in New York City to launch the Obama Foundation Girls Opportunity Alliance’s “Get Her There” campaign.


Angie Murimirwa in conversation with Soledad O’Brien

At the 2022 Hilton Humanitarian Prize Symposium in October, journalist, producer and philanthropist Soledad O’Brien sat down with Angeline Murimirwa, leader of CAMFED (2021 Prize Laureate), for a conversation about “Girls’ education as a catalyst for change.”

CAMFED EarthDay COP27 panel

CAMFED at the COP27 Climate Change Conference

In November, CAMFED Association climate activists Harriet Cheelo and Natasha Lwanda joined other climate experts for a 1-hour panel discussion and Q&A at COP27, on the theme “Climate Education for Resilience and Equity in sub-Saharan Africa”. 

Shea butter nuts

Fairtrade certification for women-led businesses

In February we announced our new partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation to certify women-led shea butter businesses in Northern Ghana. The pilot scheme will secure internationally recognized Fairtrade certification of shea butter — a natural ingredient widely used in beauty products — to help our young women entrepreneurs to meet growing commercial demand for shea butter and access exciting new business opportunities.


Young women entrepreneurs on Citi TV Ghana

Throughout 2022, Citi TV — one of Ghana’s leading television channels — has been shining a spotlight on young women entrepreneurs through a series of interviews on its popular Breakfast Daily show. Catch up on the broadcasts with CAMFED Association members as they share their experience of entrepreneurship: their challenges, successes, and hopes for the future. 


Confidence, courage, compassion, collaboration: How girls’ education is boosting a Sisterhood of game changers

CAMFED Tanzania’s Anna Sawaki and Stumai Kaguna look back over a decade that has changed the lives of more than 277,000 young women in Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe thanks to investment under the Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) funded through UK Aid. 


CNN's profile of CAMFED's Angie Murimirwa

In June, CNN’s African Voices Changemakers filmed CAMFED’s Angeline Murimirwa with her CAMFED Association sisters in Malawi to learn how they are leading our work to address girls’ exclusion from education.

Watch Angie on CNN African Changemakers

Some memorable moments from 2022


Celebrating our Global Sisterhood on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day (IWD) 2022, we invited you to stand alongside our African Sisterhood for gender equality and women’s leadership and shared the experiences of women across the global, giving tips and advice on building confidence and dealing with Impostor Syndrome.


“My Better World” TV series by Impact(ED) International wins Emmy Award

In December, the television series “My Better World” created by Impact(Ed) International won an International Emmy in the Kids: Factual & Entertainment category. The multimedia series is based around the themes of CAMFED’s My Better World life skills and wellbeing curriculum, which is delivered to students by CAMFED graduates trained as peer mentors, or Learner Guides.


Vee Kativhu joins our leaders in Zimbabwe for an Earth Day extravaganza

On Earth Day, we hosted a Facebook livestream event with members of the CAMFED Sisterhood in Zimbabwe and our special guest, girls’ education activist, YouTuber and Young Leader for the SDGs at the United Nations, Vee Kativhu. 

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CAMFED’s climate-smart training farm in Chinsali, Zambia

First launched in 2020, this year saw CAMFED’s climate-smart demonstration farm in Chinsali, Zambia fully open with CAMFED’s Agriculture Guides teaching climate-smart agriculture, growing resilience, fighting hunger, creating jobs, keeping children in school and creating a more equitable world for all of us.

The farmland was gifted to the CAMFED Association in Zambia by the late Senior Chief Nkula, in recognition of their efforts and potential as agricultural entrepreneurs and will serve as a regional and national training hub for climate-smart agriculture. 

Watch the video

Voice of America features CAMFED's Sally Ofori-Yeboah

In December, Voice of America’s African-focused ‘Our Voices’ show hosted a discussion about post-pandemic challenges to education in sub-Saharan Africa. CAMFED’s Sally Ofori-Yeboah highlights how COVID-19 exacerbated issues including poverty and early marriage, pushing girls out of school. She talks about the proven success of CAMFED’s Guide programs to support children in education and young women in leadership – including to build community resilience to climate change.  

Watch Sally's interview on Voice of America

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