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Tanzania has started to build many secondary schools, especially at the community level, but there are not enough staff or learning materials to maintain the quality of education. We train Teacher Mentors so we can identify other ways of helping girls to pass their exams in a context where 49% of students fail. We also provide learning materials – for example, we’re providing text books for all of our partner secondary schools.

I have been with Camfed since it started in Tanzania. What makes me feel so excited about our work is seeing the girls we are supporting rising from despair to having hope. Some of the girls have been able to achieve things they thought they’d never be able to achieve – passing exams, running businesses, holding positions of responsibility in their communities. That obvious change in each girl has happened because Camfed has invested in them. This is what motivates me to go to work each day.

- Lydia Wilbard, Camfed Tanzania

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Situated in East Africa, Tanzania has few natural resources and its economy is based largely on agriculture. It has the lowest rate of high school enrolment in Africa.

Camfed Tanzania launched in 2005, working with the government to boost secondary school enrolment. We first started our work in the town of Iringa, where many girls who couldn’t afford secondary school fees were leaving home to become “house girls” in urban centers. Frequently, they were abused and exploited, and many returned home infected with HIV, or pregnant. 

By paying their school costs, we are able to support thousands of girls through high school every year. However, many challenges remain: schools are understaffed and lack vital resources such as textbooks and equipment.

In Tanzania, we're working to solve these problems.

At Camfed, we recognize young rural women have potential. What they need is for someone to believe in them because that leads them to believe in themselves. That’s what leads to change.

Lydia Wilbard, Co-Director (Programs & Impact) and founding member of CAMA Tanzania

  • 27,189 Girls Receiving Bursary Support

    Camfed provides comprehensive bursary support for the full duration of a girl's secondary education. The scholarship covers everything from school fees to uniforms, shoes, books, pencils and bags.

  • 78,149 Children Benefiting from our Safety Net Fund

    Camfed's Safety Net Fund provides essential items to children at primary school to prevent them from dropping out of school.

  • 562 Partner Schools

    Camfed works in genuine partnership with schools to help improve the learning environment for all students. Sharing information on school performance and working with the community to implement change is crucial to success.

  • 11,183 Community Activists

    Camfed's program works because of the commitment of local volunteers. These volunteers include everyone from traditional leaders, to government education officials, teachers, parents, and former students.

  • 4,711 CAMA Members

    CAMA - the Camfed alumni association - is the largest network of its kind in Africa. It offers peer support, mentoring, and training and leadership opportunities.

  • 1,118 Teacher Mentors Trained

    Camfed trains a Teacher Mentor at every school in which we work. These teachers are trained in child protection issues and offer crucial counseling support and advice to young people.

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  • Husna

    “When Husna was just 12 years old, she had just completed primary school and was working full-time as a housemaid in Morogoro while she awaited her test scores. She had been living with her grandmother, who was caring for her and her siblings while her mother struggled to earn a living in Dar Es Salaam.”

    Husna, Morogoro, Tanzania

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  • Mary

    “Before Mary found out she would be supported by Camfed, she had already been kicked out of secondary school because she hadn’t paid her school fees. She was sent home, where she stayed for three months -- losing hope of ever going back to school. She feared that all of her efforts to study hard and be her best had been wasted. Her grandmother, who was caring for Mary after she lost both parents, encouraged her to not lose hope.”

    Mary, Njombe, Tanzania

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  • Vumilia

    “She would ask me ‘Why is there no one to support me?’ I could only say, ‘You see how our life is. We cannot afford your school fees.’”

    Vumilia, Iringa, Tanzania

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  • Ngaya

    “What I can tell you today is that everyone can be a leader, it is a matter of putting more effort into studies and adhering to what our teachers, facilitators and elders tell us. I wish to sensitise all girls to be like me and even better. ”

    Ngaya, Pwani, Tanzania

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