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In addition to the historical acute poverty-related challenges in Malawi, recently we are facing a lack of foreign currency, devaluation, high inflation and increasing poverty levels for the rural's poorest. In this context more and more children especially girls are dropping out of school to marry and eke out a living. Limited secondary school places exercabate the situation as not every child who passes their primary school exams is guaranteed a secondary school place.

We bring everyone who has anything to do with children together to make education and protection of children possible and to support the children to stay in school. Our exceptional involvement of traditional authorities is trendsetting and we now have educational champions among these leaders. In 2013, the first young women we supported graduated from secondary school: I see this generation of girls leading a community of champions prepared to fight, defend and advance their children's right to education!

- Harold Kuombola, Head of Operations, Camfed Malawi

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Small, stable and densely populated, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Camfed Malawi was launched in 2009, and is now working in 17 districts. In Malawi, 62 percent of the population live on less than $1.25 per day - with the majority working as subsistence farmers. Over 10 percent of the adult population are HIV positive, and over 1.2 million children are orphans.* Child marriage and pregnancy is a particular problem in the country, which suffers from an acute lack of secondary schools, meaning children - particularly those in rural areas - often have to travel long distances to school. This makes them extremely vulnerable to exploitation.

Malawi also suffers from an acute lack of female teachers, meaning those girls who are able to get to school lack the role models to help encourage them to stay.

In Malawi, we're working to solve these problems.

*Source: UNICEF State of the World’s Children Country Statistical Tables 2015

Camfed has come at a good time for Malawi. I will encourage my community not to wait for Camfed to do everything, but to start right away with things we can do ourselves to support children. Together we will find strategies to support the female student wherever she goes.

Alice Willard, a teacher in Malawi

  • 18,653 Girls Receiving Bursary Support

    Camfed provides comprehensive bursary support for the full duration of a girl's secondary education. The scholarship covers everything from school fees to uniforms, shoes, books, pencils and bags.

  • 78,650 Children Benefiting from our Safety Net Fund

    Camfed's Safety Net Fund provides essential items to children at primary school to prevent them from dropping out of school.

  • 629 Partner Schools

    Camfed works in genuine partnership with schools to help improve the learning environment for all students. Sharing information on school performance and working with the community to implement change is crucial to success.

  • 14,263 Community Activists

    Camfed's program works because of the commitment of local volunteers. These volunteers include everyone from traditional leaders, to government education officials, teachers, parents, and former students.

  • 2,058 CAMA Members

    CAMA - the Camfed alumni association - is the largest network of its kind in Africa. It offers peer support, mentoring, and training and leadership opportunities.

  • 629 Teacher Mentors Trained

    Camfed trains a Teacher Mentor at every school in which we work. These teachers are trained in child protection issues and offer crucial counseling support and advice to young people.

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  • Chikondi

    “I have never felt happy like the time the Teacher Mentor confirmed to me that I would be getting the full bursary package from Camfed,”

    Chikondi, Machinga, Malawi

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  • Dafuloza

    “Before Camfed came to our school, I used to miss classes because I did not have a school uniform and my friends would laugh at me because I used to wear worn out clothes that made me look like a mad person. My parents could not afford buying me decent clothes let alone school uniform.”

    Dafuloza, Machinga, Malawi

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  • Jessey

    “This came to me as a miracle because I never thought that somebody could provide me with a uniform,” Jessey said. “I could not wait to come to school the following day, and stay comfortably in class without being sent back home by the teacher for not wearing a school uniform.

    Jessey, Machinga, Malawi

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  • Shira

    “There was a great change in me when I was offered a school uniform because I knew that I would have peace of mind. I could comfortably raise up my hand and answer questions in class,” she said. “Before getting the uniform, I would not have the courage to stand in class because of the kind of clothes I used to wear.”

    Shira, Machinga, Malawi

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