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AWEP members walking in solidarity through the streets of Accra

Saturday, March 8th, marked International Women’s Day, and like years past, millions of people worldwide celebrated it through various actions and events.

Men, women, and youth honored their mothers, wives, colleagues and other female leaders in promoting the cause of women’s equality.

At CAMFED, our offices participated in various activities throughout the week to highlight women’s accomplishments as well as the challenges women still face today. In particular, CAMFED Ghana, in partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, collaborated with the Ghana chapter of the African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) as well as the Beyond Aid Project on a full-day event emphasizing the importance of building a strong foundation for women’s economic empowerment. The event highlighted the opportunities available to women while also bringing together women entrepreneurs to network and share ideas.

Cama leaders exhibiting their products to others


The event kicked off with a walk through the streets of Accra with participants holding signs declaring the significance of women’s active participation in society. Following the walk, exhibitions were held featuring the products of many talented women entrepreneurs, some of whom are Cama leaders, to give them a chance to promote their businesses and to network with others.

As Balchisu, CEO of Bafafa Foods said, “I have been to many trade fairs, and seeing other successful women entrepreneurs motivates me to do even more despite the numerous challenges start-up businesses face in this country. I believe that through hard work and dedication, I will be able to contribute to economic growth in my community.”

The event also hosted seminars addressing specific topics including health issues, business counseling, and personal development. By the end of the day, Cama leaders were motivated to take their businesses to the next level while championing the rights of women in their communities more actively.

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