This month 11,800 girls in Zimbabwe who have been supported through school by CAMFED will graduate from secondary school.

As the world celebrates the third annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day — #WED2016 — we shine a spotlight on the vital importance of entrepreneurship training for graduates from impoverished families in sub-Saharan Africa as they face the immense pressure of empty cupboards and high expectations.

Young women feel they should start contributing to their families, and communities want to see something back from the education they received.

Fiona Mavhinga, CAMFED alumnae network (CAMA) leader”

Having experienced first-hand the pressure on educated – and often isolated – young women from poor rural communities, Fiona co-founded and leads the development of our CAMA alumnae network. Through CAMA, CAMFED scholars in Zimbabwe, Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi graduate into a community of peers, and access the support they need to transition from school to productive and fulfilling livelihoods.

Netsai, an experienced CAMA entrepreneur whose innovative tilapia fish farm is a model business in rural Zimbabwe, is one of 35 experts trained by Fiona, who have in turn trained 1,800 of their peers as “Transition Guides.” Providing critical mentoring, business, health and life skills, the young women are starting out on this post-school journey with every single one of the 11,800 who are graduating with CAMFED’s support.

In her Huffington Post blog, Fiona explains just why this is so important: “These young women entrepreneurs could make all the difference for Zimbabwe

CAMA entrepreneur Netsai (center) runs B.E.N. Fisheries with sisters Ericah (left) and Beauty (right). Netsai shares her business expertise with community members and the next generation of CAMFED alumnae.


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