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Voiceover To be married as a young girl means to lose hope. Her education, her future, ends there. In rural Zambia, as many as 6 out of 10 girls are at risk of becoming child brides. For an orphan growing up in extreme poverty, marriage may seem the only option. Many girls become pregnant before their bodies are ready and are more likely to contract infections like HIV, experience domestic violence and even die whilst giving birth.

Child marriage perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Education breaks that cycle. With the power of CAMFED’s Learner Guides, there can be another future for girls. 


Alice, Learner Guide Good Morning everyone.


Her class Good morning Alice.


Voiceover When Faith, an orphan from a poor family, was 13-years old she was destined to marry a man twice her age. When I heard about this, I stepped in and took her under my wing. Today, Faith is in her final year at school and working hard towards her goal of becoming a doctor.

With your support, we can train thousands more Learner Guides to protect girls from early marriage. Learner Guides are mentors and role models, supporting girls at risk of dropping out of school and advocating for their rights. Each Learner Guide has the power to protect 80 girls. Your gift to CAMFED can help end child marriage and unlock girls’ futures for good. Please donate today.



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