The CAMFED Garden - RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 Highlights - Video Transcript

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Jilayne Rickards, Garden Designer For CAMFED, we wanted it to be very authentic and we wanted it to be very different from the rest of the show gardens at Chelsea.


Clarah Zinyama, Agricultural Entrepreneur, CAMFED Association member The garden really represents our own gardens that we have in Zimbabwe. It is a true reflection of what we have in Zimbabwe. Agriculture, to me, means life. Agriculture means keeping more children in school. Agriculture, to me, means having a choice.

Because being into agriculture means you have to earn an income. After having an income, you now have a choice. My biggest hope for girls and women in Africa is that, if they can only have this source of empowerment, to get educated, to educate the next generation. Such that [high] levels of poverty will be alleviated.


Miranda Curtis, CAMFED International Board Chair of Trustees I’m delighted to welcome everybody here to this reception at our remarkable gold medal award winning garden!


Sinikiwe Makove, Head of Programs, CAMFED Zimbabwe This is a recognition of the unsung heroes. Young women CAMA members who are working so hard in communities and schools.


Jilayne Rickards, Garden Designer CAMFED make a difference, CAMA make a difference and we really need to be getting to support all of this. For me, this has been a real passion project. I think it’s really shown through the garden. Everybody who’s come along here has gone like this, and that means the world to me.


Miranda Curtis, CAMFED International Board Chair of Trustees This garden is designed to illustrate how CAMA members who are educated and trained in the deployment of modern agricultural techniques, in technology, ensure that they not only are in a position across sub-Saharan Africa to feed their families, but they stabilize their communities, and they create employment for significant numbers of young people in their own communities.

We’re here, above all, to celebrate the energy and the vibrancy of the communities supported by so many of you and with whom the Campaign for Female Education works.


Harriet Baldwin, UK Minister of State for Africa Long before I even thought of going into politics, CAMFED was a charity that I passionately supported.


Sinikiwe Makove, Head of Programs, CAMFED Zimbabwe My best wish for the visitors who visit our stand, is to see samples of the crops grown by young women in Zimbabwe. I’m very thrilled and overwhelmed with what I am seeing; the beautiful garden at the Chelsea Flower Show, which really reflects the gardens in Zimbabwe.

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Nicolaas Neefjes €600