Together, we can reach 50,000 at-risk girls.

Your support could help us train a new cohort of Learner Guides, who are at the heart of their communities, to reach 50,000 girls who are most at risk of missing out on a vital education.

Give just $10 to reach a girl who is at risk right now!

Our Learner Guides use their unique understanding and the trust they have earned to work with rural schools, communities and district governments to keep vulnerable girls safe and learning.

Secondary student Faith from Zambia with Learner Guide Alice

CAMFED Learner Guides are:

…“big sisters,” friends, and relatable role models for vulnerable girls – their successes and status show girls a future full of possibility if they stay in school and concentrate on their studies.
…“first responders,” noticing if a girl’s attendance becomes erratic, and following up with children displaying early warning signs before they drop out of school.
…voices for “invisible” children, who may never have made it into the school system in the first place. Learner Guides work with others to help girls overcome the challenges that keep them out of school.

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Meet Dotto

a CAMFED Learner Guide from Tanzania.

Dotto, supported through school by CAMFED, has experienced first-hand the barriers to education for girls in her community. Now she is a mentor and role model for girls in her local school; someone they can confide in, and who knows how to tackle the issues they face.

Learner Guides like Dotto support children in their studies and their self-development, providing them with the skills and confidence to create a better world for themselves and their communities.

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Your support is needed now, more than ever

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis continues to close classroom doors on millions of girls in sub-Saharan Africa, risking their permanent exclusion from education, trapping generations in a vicious cycle of poverty.

Keep the door to school open during the pandemic, and each girl you help can open many more in her future — doors to higher education, to her own business, to council meeting rooms and even government chambers.

Donate from $10 today to reach a girl at risk!

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