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NewsAwards and PrizesMultiple countries

Ann Cotton: Ahimsa Award Recognizes Girls’ Education Imperative

Ann Cotton, Founder and President of Camfed, which for over 20 years has supported girls in sub-Saharan Africa through school and into independence, today received…


FilmCAMFED Association (CAMA)Global

When you educate one girl, you educate many

This film explores the transformative power of girls’ education. When girls are supported through secondary school and into economic independence and leadership positions after school,…


NewsPress CoverageMultiple countries

With the Right Education, a Girl Can Raise Her Village

In the lead up to International Day of the Girl, New York’s iconic department store is highlighting just what can be achieved when you educate…


NewsPress CoverageMultiple countries

We Can’t Succeed in Anything Unless We Succeed in Education

In his insightful and riveting Q&A with international education expert Julia Gillard (former Australian Prime Minister and now Board Chair for the Global Partnership for…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

UN Week in New York: CAMA Stands with Malala

Standing together with Malala at seminal events throughout New York City during the week of the United Nations commitment to the new Sustainable Development Goals,…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Ghana

CAMA’s New Politicians: The Exception that Changes the Rules

The rural district of Karaga in the Northern Region of Ghana has 33 district assembly members – 30 men and only 3 women. But 2…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Someone built my life. Now I can build other peoples’ lives.

When 22-year-old Natasha, who has just completed her second year at Ashesi University in Ghana, returned to her village in rural Zimbabwe this July, her…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Celebrating the Audacity to Dream, to Question, to Lead

This week at the House of Lords, digital pioneer Martha Lane Fox gave Camfed a platform to show the world what’s possible when young women…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

From EARTH to Africa – Leading Lessons in Sustainable Agriculture

In January 2015, Camfed’s partner communities in Malawi and Zimbabwe experienced first-hand the mercilessness of changing weather patterns as villages and schools flooded. Subsistence farmers…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Multiple countries

Achieving Social Transformation through Education

Julia Gillard delivers the keynote address alongside Hans Brattskar as Camfed teams up with the new Research for Equitable Access and Learning (REAL) Centre at…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Global

The CAMFED Association joins the First Lady: “We are ready to lead the charge”

It’s the Day of the African Child, and today in London, Fiona Mavhinga, one of the founding members of the CAMFED Association of women leaders,…


NewsCAMFED Association (CAMA)Tanzania

CAMA’s Action on Education Speaks Louder than Words

During Global Action Week on Education for All, young women from the CAMA alumnae network in Tanzania demonstrated the multiplier effect of girls’ education when…

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