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Find out how our Learner Guide Program is designed to improve education outcomes among marginalized children.

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Learner Guides are members of the CAMFED Association who elect to join our structured volunteer program, through which they receive financial and educational benefits in exchange for taking on the role of peer mentors in supporting the next generation of vulnerable girls and young women. Prisca Kilemile and Mchiwa Idd described for us how, in their role as Learner Guides in Tanzania, they are role models, decision-makers and community leaders.

The Learner Guide program is a mother, it is everything to me. It changed my life.

Prisca Kilemile, CAMFED Learner Guide

We were also joined by Diris Martin, Program Officer in Tanzania, who shared how our Learner Guide Program is designed to improve education outcomes among marginalized children, while simultaneously opening pathways for young women to transition from school to the workforce. Scaling the program is at the core of our ambitious plan to support five million girls to attend and thrive in school over the next five years.

This event took place on October 20, 2021 to an exclusive audience of CAMFED supporters.

Meet some of our Learner Guides



Video: Meet Learner Guide Dotto in Tanzania

Meet Dotto, a CAMFED Association member and Learner Guide from Tanzania. The Learner Guide Program sees young women who have experienced first-hand the barriers to education for girls in marginalized communities – and have received support to go to school – return to their local schools as mentors and role models.



Video: Meet Sophia – Learner Guide from Tanzania

Sophia is a leader in her community and a role model to other girls. After finishing school with CAMFED support Sophia joined the CAMFED Association of women leaders educated with CAMFED support and committed, with her peers, to paying forward the benefits of her education.

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