Three CAMFED Association members, Kate Wodenya Amenyikor, Jennifer De-Graft Ninson and Angelina Anita Ama Annobil have been recognized for their activism in promoting quality, equitable education at the Humanitarian Awards Ghana.

At the awards ceremony, which took place on Saturday, October 3, in Accra, Kate won the award for ‘Best Humanitarian’ in the Child Education category while Jennifer and Angelina won certificates of recognition in the SDG 4 Advocate of the Year and Child Education categories respectively.  

We’re immensely proud of what our CAMFED Association leaders are achieving. These awards highlight what we stand to gain when we support young women to reach their full potential and pay forward the benefits of education.

Sally Ofori-Yeboah, National Director, CAMFED Ghana

Kate’s award recognizes her work as the founder of a mobile library project called Boa Daakye (meaning Help the Future).

Since she started the organization in 2018 it has reached over 500 children through various initiatives including reading clinics and other events to build young people’s excitement and engagement around literacy.

This outreach benefits the most marginalized children including those from under-resourced, rural communities, those not in mainstream education, and those in hospital.

In March 2020, for her work with Boa Daakye, Kate was also awarded Outstanding Tertiary Women’s Charity Organization of the Year.

CAMFED Association members Jennifer and Kate

CAMFED Association members Jennifer and Kate at the awards ceremony.

Jennifer has been commended for her Beyond the Braille project, an initiative that seeks to support people with visual impairments to use computers. She was motivated by her strong belief that achieving inclusive education targets in an era of technology will be an illusion unless people with disabilities — including those with visual impairments — are given the opportunity to build digital skills.

Angelina’s certificate was awarded for her work to create opportunities for students in rural Ghana, through her organization The Builder’s Foundation. She runs academic booster initiatives for Junior High School students, coaching them in English and Mathematics, as well as providing psychosocial support and training in self-awareness and goal-setting. The organization also provides skills training in soap and yoghurt-making to help young people develop income-generating skills.

The three young women are all Mastercard Foundation Scholars at CAMFED Ghana, and in this role are committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

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