In a new mini documentary released on NBC as part of its Purpose over Profit series, CAMFED corporate partner and ethical fashion brand Marcella describes why sustainability and girls’ education go hand-in-hand.

Since the start of our partnership in late 2019, Marcella has already supported 110,000 school days for girls in our partner communities, with a goal of reaching 13,500,000 million school days within four years.

Marcella was built with sustainability and ethics in mind, and from day one social responsibility has been at the forefront of our brand. From offering original, designer clothing for women at accessible pricing, to ensuring our predominantly female team earns dramatically above-average wages and benefits for our industry, we want to revolutionize the ethics of fashion for the benefit of women and girls. We sought out a partnership with CAMFED, as we admired the impact, sustainability and transparency of their programs.

Siyana and Andy Huszar, Co-Founders of Marcella

Marcella was the first member of CAMFED’s  School Day Advocate Program to reach and surpass the 100,000 school days milestone:


A Pioneering School Day Advocate

CAMFED’s School Day Advocate program brings together a growing community of corporate partners who have pledged to donate a percentage or fixed amount of their profits to CAMFED to keep girls in sub-Saharan Africa in education.

Our School Days Project is a basic concept that is easy to communicate to our staff and customers – for every design Marcella sells, we pay for five school days for a girl in Africa,” Siyana and Andy explain, “This includes tuition, uniform, transportation to the school, sanitary pads, books—basically everything a girl needs to go to school for those days. We are proud to be in partnership with CAMFED and regularly use our platform to engage our staff and customers in why investment in girls’ education is of critical importance.”

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If you run a business that cares about sustainability and every girls’ right to education, find out more about CAMFED’s School Day Advocate Program.

Or if you’re an individual inspired to make a difference, ignite change with CAMFED today.

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