2020 threatens to roll back progress on girls’ education

The global COVID-19 pandemic has increased girls’ risk of child marriage, early pregnancy, and permanent exclusion from education. Globally as many as 7.6 million more girls may never return to the classroom because of this crisis*.

With fewer girls in school, our world will lose future leaders capable of driving change in their communities and across the globe. To end poverty, achieve social justice, and mitigate the impacts of climate change, we cannot afford this wasted potential. Will you join us and set a new precedent in an unprecedented year?

*SAVE OUR FUTURE - Averting an Education Catastrophe for the World’s Children


Girls supported by CAMFED through school go on to help other girls complete their education. That means the help you provide to one girl is paid forward to another three — sustaining and multiplying the impact of your donation far into the future.

Set a new precedent and multiply your impact today 

This powerful multiplier effect is what sets CAMFED apart, enabling us to address the most pressing global challenges at scale. Our young women leaders are deeply committed to paying forward the benefits of their education. They support the next generation of girls through school — mentoring, encouraging and providing essential funds and supplies. This increases the impact of your gift exponentially, with more and more girls realizing their full potential through education.


Will you join us, and support girls’ education today?



$150 can support ONE girl through secondary school for a year

Donate $150 now



$75 can buy My Better World life skills workbooks for a class of students

Donate $75 now


a month

$15 a month can keep ONE girl in secondary school for a year

Donate $15 a month


Every girl you support will go on to help at least three others to go to school,
multiplying your impact far into the future.

Meet the young women multiplying your impact


Kate, CAMFED Association member, Ghana

Still a CAMFED-supported university student, Kate has already founded her own organization to build young people’s excitement and engagement around literacy. Her outreach benefits the most marginalized children, including those from under-resourced, rural communities, those not in mainstream schools, and those in hospital. Kate has received national awards in recognition of her commitment to paying forward the benefits of education.


Patience, CAMFED Association member, Zimbabwe

Patience was herself supported to return to school by CAMFED Association members, after she dropped out due to poverty. Today, as a leader in this powerful network, she trains young women in entrepreneurship and as life skills mentors (Learner Guides). Using her knowledge of Information Technology she is helping to bridge the digital divide for school students and graduates in rural communities. Her activism has been highlighted in the international media.

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