As the latest news and advice around coronavirus continues to evolve quickly, CAMFED is closely monitoring the situation and the impact on the people and communities we serve. 

With schools in many countries now closing, we know from experience that girls will be hardest hit. They are least likely to return to school and most vulnerable to drop out, and face an increased risk of early marriage and adolescent pregnancy. We are working through our networks, including the CAMFED Association, to as far as possible mitigate the impact on girls in ensuring they have the support they need through this period, and can take up their places when schools reopen. With membership of the Association now surpassing 157,000 – young women who have completed school with CAMFED’s support – and with the presence of this network in all partner communities, members are well-placed to ensure marginalized communities are not overlooked.

We are taking action to safeguard our staff: each of our offices has an action plan reflecting their context and relevant government advice; we have postponed all international travel and limited in-country travel to help protect the vulnerable communities we serve. As far as possible, we are sharing up-to-date World Health Organization (WHO) information and guidance through our networks in order to combat the spread of myths and misinformation.

Throughout this evolving crisis, we are fully focused on providing continuity of support to the girls and communities who need it most.

Stay up-to-date with advice from the World Health Organization (WHO):

WHO website

WHO Regional Office for Africa 

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