Every year, 15 million girls are locked away from a better life.

The ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda serves to create progress that will improve lives across the world. But every year, 15 million girls are locked away from a better life.Child marriage is standing in the way of progress towards many of the 2030 Global Goals. For as long as child marriage continues to exist, so will poverty and instability, violence against women and girls, high global maternal mortality rates, and an ever-widening educational gap between the poorest and wealthiest nations.

Here’s why: 

Mary (not her real name), 15, was a child bride. Now she is a widow and single mother. (Photo: Eliza Powell/Camfed)

The Sustainable Development Goals are underpinned by investment in girls’ education and gender equality.11 When a girl is excluded from education she is invisible and powerless. Our alumnae understand this powerlessness. They were once invisible. Now they know that inclusion is power. They’ve joined a powerful peer support network called the CAMFED Association.

As many of these young women were once themselves destined to be child brides, they understand what it takes to help girls escape this poverty trap. CAMFED Association members identify girls in their communities who are vulnerable to early marriage and work with families and local authorities to ensure girls receive the support they need to stay in school, succeed and lead.

Find out more about how we keep girls in school and out of child marriage.

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