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From telling your networks about us to setting up a fundraising campaign, there are lots of ways to get involved with Camfed and help girls in Africa.


Help educate a girl in Africa - reducing her risk of contracting HIV and increasing her ability to earn more and have a healthier family.

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Latest fundraising news

Latest fundraising news

Supporters are doing amazing things every day to help get more girls to school in Africa. Read what’s happening around Camfed.

Camfed champions

Sponsor someone to raise money for Camfed

Camfed champions across the world are raising money for Camfed. See who’s doing what – and help them to reach their goal.

  • Monica Piercy

    “I can see that education changes things in my work. If it makes a difference at the top end, just think what difference it can make for girls in rural Africa.”

    Monica Piercy

    Read Monica's story
  • Suzanne  Evans

    “... we believe turning wealth into opportunities for women in education, entrepreneurship, and equality is the greatest gift we can offer.”

    Suzanne Evans

    Read Suzanne 's story
  • Eric and Amaya

    “It's been physically draining,” says Amaya, who cycled through 29 countries in 17 months. “I had malaria twice and Eric broke his collarbone. Many times we wanted to give up and throw in the towel. But so many people were supporting us and watching our progress, and that's what kept us going.”

    Eric and Amaya

    Read Eric and Amaya's story
  • Nancy  Robinson

    “I came from a family of nine girls...,” says Nancy, who now lives in Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey. “My father believed strongly in the value of girls' education and made sure we all went to school.”

    Nancy Robinson

    Read Nancy 's story

Upcoming fundraising events

Upcoming Fundraising Events

Here’s a list of events being held in aid of Camfed. If you are interested in hosting an event, contact