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From telling your networks about us to setting up a fundraising campaign, there are lots of ways to get involved with Camfed and help girls in Africa.


Help educate a girl in Africa - reducing her risk of contracting HIV and increasing her ability to earn more and have a healthier family.

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Latest fundraising news

Latest fundraising news

Supporters are doing amazing things every day to help get more girls to school in Africa. Read what’s happening around Camfed.

Camfed champions

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Camfed champions across the world are raising money for Camfed. See who’s doing what – and help them to reach their goal.

  • Pembroke College

    “After traveling widely in Africa, I have come to realize that the future of this extraordinary continent lies in empowering its young people, especially disadvantaged girls. So much external aid is misdirected and unhelpful; Camfed is different.”

    Pembroke College

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  • British 10k 2015

    “'It was so exciting being part of such a large event, it was my most enjoyable run so far. I really enjoyed running for Camfed, it was fun being part of a team.”

    British 10k 2015

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  • Sally-Anne  Dunn

    “I had a stack of opportunities as a kid and young woman that I took for granted and really didn't take advantage of them. I want other girls to have some of those opportunities so they have the confidence to do the amazing things that we, as women, are fully capable of doing.”

    Sally-Anne Dunn

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