Girls supported at secondary school in the past 4 years:

Through community support = 344,035 (35.8%)

Through alumnae in CAMA = 391,049 (40.8%) 

Through donor funds = 224,845 (23.4%)

We have pledged to support 1 million adolescent girls in just 5 years. 


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Watch our 2018 Annual Review video

Watch our 2018 Annual Review video

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“The best way to tackle poverty, inequality, youth unemployment, overpopulation, instability, forced migration, and climate change is the education of girls, and Camfed has the incontrovertible data to prove that securing girls’ right to education changes everything.” – Lucy Lake, CEO.


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Students supported to go to primary & secondary school so far



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Of those, students supported by CAMFED alumnae

Students being supported by CAMFED alumnae


Now spearheading the Campaign for Female Education, CAMFED alumnae in the CAMA leadership network support more vulnerable children to go to school, scaling our impact, extending our reach, and exemplifying the multiplier effect of girls’ education.

Of those, students supported by community partners

Students being supported by community partners


Together with CAMA leaders, we catalyze the activism of parents, teachers, education officials and traditional leaders, who rally resources to support even more children to go to school – and take deep pride in their success, creating sustainable change.

A powerful movement of rural philanthropists


and counting...

CAMA - CAMFED's alumnae association - is the largest network of its kind in Africa. It offers peer support, mentoring, training and leadership opportunities.
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CAMA members have started a business so far


CAMA members now hold local, national and international leadership positions


Teacher Mentors have been trained so far to look after the needs of vulnerable children

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